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    UNH-4U College Access for Students with Intellectual Disabilities 

    "UNH-4U will combine traditional classroom time with inclusive housing options, peer mentoring and academic coaches.  It will be an inclusive two-year comprehensive transition program on the UNH Durham campus.  The program will provide an authentic campus life experience including opportunities f  Read More
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    Summer 2018 McNair Scholars  

    11 UNH students complete their McNair Research Fellowship Program this summer.  View their research topics and learn more  Read More
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    Race and Equity in Early Education 

    "having diverse books is important.  Just as important, and perhaps so, is how we teach aspiring teachers to use these books to facilitate discussions about social injustice." . . .  Read More
  • Faculty Senate endorses a "Model of Mutual Respect" among faculty, students, staff and administrators 

    "An environment of mutual trust and respect is necessary if an institution seeks to act with integrity.  They are prerequisites for open communication and honest dialogue about the values, goals and expectations held by the institution and its members. . .  Read More
  • COLA responds to 8 Percentspeaks 

    "This is the first year that students at UNH will experience the new diversity initiative in English 401 as part of an ongoing effort to spread diversity and inclusion not only through English programs, but the university as a whole." . .  Read More
  • Swipe it Forward, a new program for students in need. 

    “There are UNH students who are eating only one meal a day,” says Davidson, a Hamel Scholar.  Read More
  • Talking About the Hard Issues 

    Vernon Carter, associate professor of social work, teaches the "Implications of Race, Culture, and Oppression" course, designed to increase awareness related to the insidious nature of oppression.  Read the ful  Read More
  • Educational Apps for Students

    Student Accessibility Services (SAS) has created a list of Free and Low-Cost iOS and Android Apps and tools to assist students with reading, writing, note-taking, study-skills/organization and brainstorming activities.  Read More
  • 2017 Pancake Breakfast Highlights

    For 25 years, the UNH LGBTQ+ and allied community has celebrated its progress and its heroes in creating a better campus climate for everyone. On April 18th, 200 people gathered in the MUB Granite State Room. And the party began. Again.  Read More
  • Sexual Assault Prevention App 

    App features include frequently asked questions, and specific campus, local, state and national sexual assault resources. uSafeNH is configured so users are able to access support information in their immediate vicinity.  Read More