Pancake Breakfast highlights

Save the Date for next breakfast  - April 9, 2019, 8-9:15am, MUB Granite State Rm

Jonathan holding sign No Place for hate

Jonathan Higgins will be this year's keynote speaker

April 9, 2019
MUB Granite State Rm

Dr. Higgins is committed to using his voice to highlight and bring focus to the issues that affect both the Black and the LGBTQ+ community through his YouTube channel, his mini-documentary, and through his Ted Talk "From Fear to Freedom".   Dr. Higgins will focus this talk on intersectionality of race, gender, identity and sexuality.



 April 2018 Breakfast Summary

Members of the Intercollegiate Horse Schow Association Team - recipients of Pink Triangle Award

We survive when we are authors of meaning, not victims of circumstances.     ~Pierre Berastaín, Keynote speaker

President Mark Huddleston and incoming President James W. Dean, Jr. addressed a crowd of over 200 community members to celebrate progress and pride at the 26th Annual LGBTQ+ and Ally Pancake Breakfast. Michael Newell, a sophomore nursing major, who is involved with Alliance said, “I wanted to come to the breakfast this year because everyone’s so passionate and amazing, and I wanted to be with the community.”

               Cari Moorhead, Assoc. Dean of the Graduate School and Paul Tosi, class of 1974, a former student body president who fought alongside the Gay Student Organization when it fought for its right to become a recognized student org, was honored with the Founders Award upon return to his alma mater on April 10.   His story was recently told in the PBS special We’ll Meet Again, where UNH was featured as a focus on U.S. history of LGBTQ+ human and civil rights in the 1970s.

               Keynote Speaker Pierre Berastaín told the audience at UNH Durham about his experience with issues of the LGBTQ+ community. He delivered a speech titled “Breaking the Fast: How to Preserve the Self”, followed by the annual Kidder lecture later in the day. “I couldn’t pinpoint one issue that affects the LGBTQ+ community,” Berastaín said as he opened his speech. “My own prevailing LGBTQ issue was being safe and going to school.” Throughout his speeches at the breakfast and the Kidder lecture, Berastaín stressed that LGBTQ+ issues are intersectional ones. His experience is not shaped by his sexual identity alone, but the combination of being a gay, undocumented, Catholic, Latino immigrant.

               He recommended to the community that when faced with comments targeting identities, we may choose to respond in the moment, or we may want to wait until we have found our center along with a specific writing or brief quotation that addresses the bias expressed. “Sometimes,” said Berastaín, “I just respond to ignorance or fear-based comments by changing the conversation. I might say, “Great weather we’re having!” That’s the same day I send the same person the email with the strategic excerpt as the voice of reason. It gives that person a moment to consider what they’ve said.”

               Kidder Awards and Pink Triangle Group Awards went to:

Prof. Emeritus John Seavey, former chair of the Department of Health Management and Policy and founder of the Masters in Public Health program, who also fought for partner benefits at UNH, was presented with the Kidder Lifetime Achievement Award.

Seniors Rory Wilson and Jacob Riehl received student Kidder Awards for their service in the LGBTQ+ community and beyond.

Mason Dunn, J.D. of UNH Manchester earned the Kidder Fund Faculty Award for his course design and community talks.

Pink Triangle Group Awards were presented to the Gender Identity Awareness Week Planning Committee and the Intercollegiate Horse Show Association for work in fostering understanding and visibility of the LGBTQ+ community.         

Special thanks to our event sponsors:  Affirmative Action and Equity office, Community, Equity and Diversity office, Health and Wellness,  Kidder Fund, Liberty Mutual Insurance, Residential Life, and SHARPP