University Commission on Community, Equity and Diversity


To provide university-wide leadership in support of institutional diversity and a welcoming, inclusive campus. To recognize diversity as a source of excellence, enrichment, and strength for all members of the university community. The Commission’s efforts are to create a welcoming and inclusive campus grounded in mutual respect, nurtured by dialogue, and evidenced by a pattern of civil interaction (Pres James Dean, email 7.8.19).
The Commission is formed around a common bond and a commitment to the advancement of historically marginalized/underrepresented groups, challenging stereotypes, eradicating systemic inequalities and oppression, and creating a campus climate of respect for all students, staff and faculty.

Mission of the University Commission on Community, Equity, and Diversity

To work collaboratively with the Inclusion Council and the CED Office on issues of diversity and inequity. To create working groups and committees involved in awareness-building programming; and submit proposals for services, policy changes and practices that build safer, more welcoming, universally accessible learning, working and living environments free of physical, programmatic and attitudinal barriers.

  • To monitor campus for both discriminatory incidents and evidence of progress, sharing issues/concerns with CED, and recommending action(s) to the Inclusion Council and other UNH governance groups.
  • To act as a resource/source for action items as identified by the President and/or other UNH governance groups.