President's Advisory Council on Campus Climate


The Advisory Council will advise and inform the President on issues of race, inclusion and civility on our campus as well as, monitor and revise as needed, recommendations outlined in the final report of the Presidential Task Force on Campus Climate dated April 10, 2018.
The Council will also assist in prioritizing high-level findings as outlined in the Campus Climate Survey report (to be released September 2019). Strategic themes include; Organizational Structure, Curriculum, Campus Climate, Recruitment and Retention, and Community Engagement.

2019-20 Membership

Monica Chiu (Chair) - interim Associate Vice President, Office of Community, Equity and Diversity

Nooran Alhamdan - Undergraduate student, Student Senate Rep
Cris Beemer -  Associate Prof of English, Faculty Senate rep
Darnelle Bosquet-Fleurival - Assistant Director, Residential Life
Elza Brechbuhl, Undergraduate student, Community Development Council Chairperson (Student Senate)
Leslie Couse - Prof/Assoc Chair, Engagement & Faculty Development
Lu Ferrell - Associate Director, LGBTQ+ Coordinator, Office of Multicultural Student Affairs
Kathy Fletcher - Library Manager, UNH School of Law
Jim Graham - Mgr, Leadership Communications & Advocacy, Communications & Public Affairs
Carrie Grube - Recruiting Manager, Human Resources
Deborah Merrill-Sands - Dean, Paul College of Business and Economics
Amy Oliva - Administrative Director, Discovery Program
Leila Paje-Manalo - Director, Office of International Students and Scholars
Dawna Perez - Executive Director, Academic Success, Director, TRIO SSS
Janice Pierson - Administrative Coordinator, Office of Community, Equity and Diversity, OS Council Rep
Shari Robinson - Director, Psychological and Counseling Services
Mike Shuttic - Director, Student Accessibility Services
Kate Siler - Program Coordinator, ADVANCE
Donna Marie Sorrentino - Director, Affirmative Action and Equity office
Dave Zamansky - Assistant Director, MUB

Task Force Report

This report provides a vantage from which to view progress and consider steps towards continued growth and will inform our ongoing efforts to address issues of community, equity and diversity. More specifically, the purpose of this report is threefold: 1) to provide a vantage from which to view institutional progress with regard to diversity and equity efforts, 2) to articulate and make visible some of the challenges and obstacles that may impede further progress, and 3) to provide a set of recommendations that include action steps, metrics for monitoring progress, and lines of accountability.

Read the Full Report and Recommendations from the Presidential Task Force

Campus updates since release of report

  • Academic Year 2018/19: English 401, a required course for all first-year students, now integrates more diverse perspectives and research methodologies across its pedagogical arena.
  • Summer 2018: UNH created a Social Media Policy, currently included in the Student Rights, Rules and Responsibilities
  • Spring 2019: a campus-wide climate survey will be launched and its results will inform future action steps.
  • 2018/19: Senior leadership (the President's Cabinet and the Deans' Council) will participate in a two-part educational workshop on leadership, inclusivity, and higher education, to be conducted by a regional consulting group.
  • Department of Communications has created the Civil Discourse Lab, offering courses and workshops for students interested in building dialogues across difference and strengthening skillsets needed when opposing points of view are being aired.

Read More about these updates and other plans in the works