Faculty Instructional Technology Summer Institute

The Faculty Instructional Technology Summer Institute (FITSI) is a hands-on learning experience that takes place each year on the Durham campus. Applications are open to faculty, instructors and graduate students.


  • Networking

    FITSI faculty make connections with colleagues.

  • Explore

    FITSI faculty explore technologies that support teaching and learning.

  • FITSI Faculty in Session
    Teaching Challenges

    FITSI will provide time to investigate common instructional challenges and solutions.

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FITSI 2020

Tuesday, June 9th through Thursday, June 11th

& Tuesday January 12, 2021

Application submission extended until April 17, 2020


FITSI 2020: Engaging for Success: Techniques and Technologies for Improved Learning


Throughout the FITSI experience, you will work in cohorts to explore an Instructional Focus related to revisions you wish to make in one of your courses.

Keynote Speakers:


  • Dr. Carol Hurney, Associate Provost, Faculty Development, Colby College

  • Dr. Malcolm Brown, Director of Learning Initiatives, EDUCAUSE

Instructional Focus Options:


  1. Inclusive Course Design – Improve student access by designing inclusively and universally
  2. Adaptive Learning – Deliver custom learning experiences to your students
  3. Learning Analytics – Analyze student data in Canvas to inform changes in course design and improve student outcomes 
  4. Re-thinking Assessment and Feedback - Use teams, projects, games, peer assessments, and other methods to engage and assess students. 

FITSI is comprised of three parts:


  1. The face to face Summer Institute in Durham, June 9-11
  2. Three 1-hour online meetings with your FITSI cohort in September, October, and November (scheduled at mutually agreed upon times). Here, you will engage with your cohort on your progress with your course revisions.
  3. Follow up reunion event on January 12, 2021, where you will share results

Preparing for FITSI:


There will be foundational academic technology resources relating to Canvas, Kaltura, and tablets, available for review prior to FITSI. This foundational content will not be covered during FITSI so that we can focus on more active presentations and workshops. Those accepted to participate in FITSI will be surveyed to identify need for these resources and will be responsible for knowing this content in advance of FITSI.

By applying to participate, you agree to the following:  


  • Integrate at least one new strategy/technology into a course for the purposes of increasing student success, access and engagement     
  • Work with your cohort peer group, Learning Architects, Learning Designers, and others from Academic Technology to assess instructional technology needs in your school or college that would improve student success       
  • Be an advocate for using technology as a tool to improve student success and engagement through new knowledge and skills in your teaching practice.