(work completed) Ad hoc Committee on Calendar Options

On May 2, 2016, this committee fulfilled its charge in a report to the Faculty Senate.  That report is linked in the What's News section on this site's homepage.


Chair: Chris Shea


1. On 9/14/15, The Faculty Senate approved the formation of a committee to undertake the study of the pros and cons of alternatives to the current semester system relevant to the UNH academic mission. This committee, called the Committee on Calendar Options, is charged with the   following:

1) Determine the internal need for more flexibility in the calendar and define problem areas. For example, one department may benefit from the extra time afforded by the summer term, whereas another department with significant summer programming already in place might find little to no benefit. These areas must be identified  department  by  department.

2) Explore and document the options that are currently in practice, including short terms, online terms, master's degree terms, etc. Each of these has a different calendar. Would other departments benefit  from broader  use of existing calendar  options?

3) Evaluate other universities where flexible calendar options are present. Dartmouth is one such place.

4) Report  to the Senate in early April.

Committee on Alternative Academic Calendar Options Membership

  • Christine Shea, Management, PCBE, chair
  • Michelle Capozzoli, Mathematics & Statistics, CEPS
  • Kelly Cullen, Natural Resources & the Environment, COLSA
  • Roger Ford, School of Law
  • Barry Hennessey, Assessment, Library
  • Susan Horne, Decision Sciences, PCBE
  • David Kaye, Theatre & Dance, COLA
  • Sarah Prescott, Biology Program, UNH-Manchester
  • Jovana Milosavljevic, Graduate Student Senate
  • Justin Poisson, Student Senate