University Curriculum & Academic Policies Committee


UCAPC Charter


Standing Charges:

1. To serve as an appeals and fact-finding body to consider academic and curricular matters which have inter-college and/or campus-wide effects or which are likely to affect the quality or integrity of the realization of the university’s academic mission.

2. To advise the Faculty Senate on its findings and recommendations.

B.  New Charge:

University Curriculum and Academic Policies Committee Membership

  • Clayton Barrows, Hospitality Management, PCBE to 7/1/19 (chair)
  • Michael Carter, Electrical Engineering, CEPS, to 7/1/20 (vice chair)
  • Sajay Arthanat, Occupational Therapy, CHHS, to 7/1/20
  • Semra Aytur, Health Management & Policy, CHHS, to 7/1/20
  • Jessica Bolker, Biological Sciences, COLSA, to 7/1/18
  • Dennis Britton, English, COLA,  to 7/1/20
  • Jen Carroll, Library to 7/1/19
  • Melvin Dubnick, Political Science, COLA, to 7/1/18
  • Estelle Hrabak, Molecular, Cellular, & Biomedical Sciences, COLSA, to 7/1/20
  • Marcus Hurn, UNH School of Law, to 7/1/18
  • Robert Macieski, UNH-M, to 7/1/18
  • Sean Moore, English, COLA, to 7/1/19
  • Sterling Tomellini, Chemistry, CEPS, to 7/1/18
  • Kim Babbitt, Chair of Academic Standards and Advising Committee
  • P.T. Vasudevan, VPAA's designee
  • Audrey Getman, Student Senate Representative
  • Jacob Bennett, Graduate Student Senate Representative