Welcome to the Home Page for the Faculty Senate at the University of New Hampshire!

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We are an elected body of faculty representatives from each academic department at UNH. The Faculty Senate is the legislative body that reviews and develops policies concerned with the academic mission of the University.

What's News

Useful List of Acronyms at UNH - 6-6-18


Feasibility study for Hubbard Hall expansion for Honors Program - AAC report from May 1, 2017

Teaching Evaluation Standards Committee report and motion presented at the May 1, 2017 Faculty Senate meeting

Provost Targett's PowerPoint presentation from April 17, 2017


Committee on Calendar Options fact-finding report  presented at the May 2, 2016 Faculty Senate meeting. 

Discovery Review Committee Report, discussed in the Senate on April 25 and May 2, 2016.

Title IX and reporting incidents of sexual violence and harrassment information, shared at the November 23, 2015 Senate meeting by Jaime Nolan and Donna Marie Sorrentino.

The Curran Consulting Group conducted submitted a report on professional success and career preparation, which was released to the university community on June 10, 2015.  The executive summary of the report can be found here. The full report still resides in Blackboard, under "My Blackboard" in the right hand column, third module down. Or click here for the full report.





Policies & Procedures

Location of Senate meetings - 205 Hamilton Smith Hall


Location of Senate office - 314AA Thompson Hall