DEI Care Series

A series of Diversity Equity and Inclusion education/programming/ and interactive conversation on topics to help FSL members, leaders, chapters, and councils. The goal will be to educate on different topics such as identity development, inclusive recruitment practices, getting to the bottom of fundraising/philanthropy/service, and understanding the systems of oppression that lead in the reasoning FSL needs to be servant leaders, Privilege and Power systems, Race and Racism within higher education and FSL, and a few other topics. This program aims to engage students in Fraternity and Sorority Life in 6 workshops per semester that build on each other but are stand alone at the same time. This is a pilot program and will be working with the Beauregard Center and DEI offices to develop the programming. If this is successful, we will have a separate cohort open to all students the following semester. Overall the program will be created and implemented to create students, chapters, councils, and an overall environment that is consistently learning and moving towards anti-racism. The program will be highlighted on social media and in the FSL newsletter as we move into the Spring Semester.