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Brand Guidelines

The UNH brand is our name; our image and voice. It's what people think about the university. And that's why consistency matters. Find out what you need to know about the UNH brand here.

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DIY Toolkit

Create your own materials —postcards, posters, PowerPoints, invitations, brochures, etc —using our templates and photos. Browse through the samples here, designed to promote the UNH brand and to deliver uniform information and messaging.

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Font Downloads

It may seem like a small thing but even the font you use helps us present and maintain a consistent identity. If you have access to UNH Box, you can download UNH’s preferred fonts.

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Logo Downloads

For many people, logo equals brand. And brand equals reputation. Meaning uniformity is important, not just because of the way something looks but for what it represents. Request an approved logo for your project here.

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Photos and Videos

CPA has a photo library of quality images maintained by our talented photographers and available to download at UNH ResourceSpace. If you’re looking for a video, you’ll want to check out UNH's YouTube channel.  Want to make your own video or take your own photos? Our CPA pros have some helpful hints. 

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Are you inundated with calls for great advertising deals and don’t know if they really are great, or which, if any, to act on? Contact CPA for recommendations. We work hard to make sure all of UNH’s advertising is coordinated, not duplicated and aligned with our strategy. 

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If we can’t help with your project, we have a list of reliable, professional freelancers who can. Just let us know what you need writer, photographer, videographer we’ll connect you.


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Event Promotions

You know events take a lot of planning, and a large part of that involves spreading the word. You’ll find suggestions here for things you can do, starting with creating collateral using the CPA DIY website.      

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Social Media Best Practices

Look to UNH's social media team for tips and recommendations on getting the most from your posts and tweets. You'll find information on everything from image sizes to etiquette to strategies and staying connected.

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Media/News Best Practices

If you have big news, here's how media relations will help you get it out to local, regional, or national media. Browse the list of  experts and a gallery of campus photos that can be downloaded. 

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Web Best Practices

CPA and Web & Mobile Development have partnered to create a website that provides the resources necessary for optimizing digital strategy. Explore the latest tools, tips and technologies to help create an online experience that’s equal parts appealing and functional.

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Editorial Guide

UNH’s guidelines follow The Associated Press Stylebook, where you’ll find additional resources. Merriam-Webster online is recommended for questions on spelling. UNH Communications and Public Affairs also is available for additional questions.

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