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The UNH logo and wordmark can be configured in a variety of ways to meet your design specifics. Please consider the background color that will appear behind the logo, and remember to provide sufficient breathing room! If you have any questions, review the clear space requirements within the UNH visual identity guidelines. Should you have any questions about placement, configuration or context, please contact cpa@unh.edu. For merchanding information, please review our logo merchandising guidelines.

To request a custom logo set for your college, school or department, please use this form.

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Visual Identity and Branding Information

The visual identity guidelines serve as a reference for proper use and placement of the UNH logo and wordmark. The brand book was created as an internal reference to illustrate how to properly convey UNH branding within words, pictures and overall layout.

For questions about branding within websites or projects, please review our web standards and best practices.

Visual Identity Guidelines

Revised February 2018

• Updates include changes to pg. 13, "Colors for Digital"

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