Graduate Coursework

UNH Continuing Education works with adults with a variety of educational needs:

  • who desire to take a few courses for career development;
  • who plan eventually to enter graduate or professional school;
  • who seek courses to complete degree programs from other institutions;
  • who wish to resume study towards a graduate degree;

A-Z Campus Resources

Note: not all resources are available to non-degree students.

Campus Directories

Graduate Courseload Policy

Fall and Spring

Individuals not enrolled in a degree program may register for a maximum of 8 credits. Registering for 9 or more credits requires special permission. Please note special permission is not required to exceed the 8 credit limit during the summer.

Full-Time Special Student Status - Graduate Coursework (9 or more credits)

Individuals who hold at least a baccalaureate degree and are not enrolled in a UNH degree program must receive permission from The Graduate School to register for 9 or more graduate level credits during the fall or spring. Students approved for this full-time special status must pay full graduate tuition and fees at the time of registration. Graduate students enrolling exclusively in undergraduate courses pay undergraduate tuition rates.

Summer Session

No credit limit and tuition is charged by the credit hour.

January Term

Due to the intensive format of January Term, ALL students are limited to registering for one* course and a maximum of 4 credits. *One Course Exception: Students may register for more than one course provided the courses DO NOT meet concurrently and the total credits DO NOT exceed the 4 credit maximum.

To take a course for credit (that is, for a grade) you do not need to apply for admission. UNH does require students registering for Graduate courses (numbered 800-999) to meet several eligibility requirements 

Eligibility requirements: graduate coursework

  • A bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university. 

  • Graduate coursework is advanced study and presumes completion of adequate preparation at the undergraduate level in the same or allied field in which the student wishes to pursue graduate coursework. 

  • Successful completion of all course prerequisites. 

  • Not currently under disciplinary sanctions from UNH/UNH-M, another college or university, or court-ordered probation or other sanctions. 

*The University reserves the right to restrict registration to those who cannot demonstrate the completion of the above requirements and to bar registration or withdraw a student who upon request fails to provide proper documentation or who demonstrates unacceptable performance once enrolled.

Various forms of financial assistance are available to non-degree students enrolled in credit courses.  Information about alternative loan options is available at the UNH Durham Financial Aid and UNH Manchester Financial Aid websites.


Registration Dates and deadlines

University Master Academic Calendar - Complete dates and deadlines for add/drop, refunds, registration, withdrawal, and more.

As a non-degree student, it is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the rules and regulations that govern the University of New Hampshire. 


  • USNH Policy Manual - UNH
  • Non-degree students are not permitted to register for internships through UNH unless they are enrolled in a graduate certificate program.

Degree-Seeking Students

A number of Continuing Education students intend to complete their graduate degree at UNH. More information about programs and admission is available from the Graduate School.

All registrations are processed by the Office of the Registrar.

Business hours are Monday-Friday, 8:00 am - 4:30 pm, except holidays.

Payment is due at the time of registration.

How to Register

In-Person: Office of the Registrar, Stoke Hall Room 180, 11 Garrison Avenue, Durham, NH 03824-3511

Phone (603) 862-2015, or 1-800-313-5327. Required is the course reference number (crn) and course title, credit card information, personal address, phone, and identification information.

Online Registration

Students with a MyUNH account may register online. If you have taken a class since January 2005, use your existing username and password to login. Login help: UNH IT Service Desk (603) 862-4242. Note: New and students prior to January 2005, must initially register by mail, fax, phone or in person and will be issued a MyUNH account for use in subsequent semester registration.

Step by Step:

1. Go to MyUNH, and login.
2. Select WEBCAT and login.
3. Select Registration.
4. Select Add/Drop Courses.
5. Select a Term from drop down and Submit.
6. Enter CRNs (the five digit course reference number) for the courses at the bottom of the page, or select Class Search to find classes which are open.
7. Select Submit Changes.
8. Select Complete when finished.
9. Submit payment as directed online.
10. For a printout of your schedule; choose Printable Schedule.
Type in the date for the first full week of classes.

Tuition and Fee rates are available at the Business Services website:


All non-degree students who register for credit courses are subject to mandatory registration, student services, technology and any special course fees.

Transcript requests are processed by the  Office of the Registrar.