Syllabi Review

The Beauregard Center is happy to offer syllabi review for UNH faculty and staff. 

The purpose of the syllabi review process is to provide faculty with a new, outsider perspective. The Center advocates for syllabi that utilize student centered language, demonstrate inclusive teaching practices, provide accessibility, and serve as a guide for a positive classroom experience for all. 

The syllabi review process

  1. Faculty submit their syllabus online via the form below
  2. Two person review process (2 week turn around time)
  3. Faculty are sent an e-mail with feedback/rubric
  4. Faculty are offered 1:1 consultation via zoom or in person with BC staff
  5. Courses that participate in this process posted on our website

*Statement of review by BC included may be included in syllabus


Begin the process by submitting your syllabus for review here.