Scholarship Guide

UNH Army ROTC students

Traditional ROTC Scholarship (2, 3 and 4 year)

Army ROTC is one of the largest providers of merit-based scholarships in the country, making thousands of awards every year. Winners are chosen based on academics, SAT/ACT results, teacher evaluations, extracurricular activities, leadership potential, a physical aptitude exam, and a personal interview. Benefits include:

  • Paid full tuition and fees OR room and board
  • Grant money to apply towards room and board at UNH
  • An annual book benefit of $1,200
  • A monthly tax-free stipend: $420 once contracted

4-Year Traditional Program of Study

Traditionally, Army ROTC is a four-year program. The first two years of the program comprise the Basic Course (MS-I and MS-II). You can enroll in the program for the first two years without incurring any future military obligation (if you don't have an ROTC scholarship).

After you've successfully completed the Basic Course, you can compete to gain admission into the Advanced Course (MS-III and MS-IV). It's during this part of the program that you'll get to put your newfound management skills to the test.

As a Cadet in the Advanced Course, you'll spend 5-weeks during the summer between your junior and senior years attending Advanced Camp. In camp, you'll be asked to handle the complex tasks of a unit leader. You may have to lead your group across difficult terrain or build a bridge across a river. You may have to solve difficult personnel problems, or be in charge of expensive military equipment. It's all meant to teach you how to think quickly when the pressure is on and how to motivate your team.

Then, as a cadet in the Advanced Course, your management skills will continue to be sharpened. You'll teach new ROTC students what you've learned. And when you graduate from college, you're ready to be a commissioned officer in the U. S. Army. During your four years in the program, all ROTC textbooks, uniforms, and essential materials will be furnished at no cost. In addition, if selected for the Advanced Course, you'll receive an allowance of up to $2,000 each year.

The 2-Year Program of Study

If you miss the first two years of ROTC, and you are a graduate of a junior or community college entering a two-year postgraduate course of study, you may still qualify for a commission through the two-year program. In this program, you must first attend the ROTC Leaders Training Camp (LTC) for a four week period. At LTC, you will learn the basic cadet skills taught during the first two years in Military Science Courses. Upon successful completion, you'll be eligible for the Advanced Course!

Veterans, Reservists, and Guardsmen may automatically qualify to enter the Advanced Course! For more information, please contact us.

Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP)

SMP cadets serve in Army ROTC and serve in a paid status in the Army Guard or Army Reserve. These cadets get to put the skills they have developed in Army ROTC to use in a real military unit as an Officer in Training. Pay is the equivalent a Sergeant E-5 (about $250 for a drill weekend) and can earn about $1,000 for a two-week annual training usually in the summer.

During college, SMP cadets drill one weekend a month, but are in a non-deployable status. Service in the Army Reserve Components (RC) can qualify for time in service toward pay and retirement, provided cadets complete drilling requirements.

SMP members are also eligible for multiple scholarships, including the Guard & Reserve Forces Duty Scholarship, the Dedicated Army National Guard Scholarship, and the Minuteman Scholarship.

Guard & Reserve Forces Duty (GRFD) Scholarships

GRFD Scholarships are usually 2 year Army National Guard or Army Reserve scholarships covering tuition & fees, but not room and board. GRFD recipients serve in the Guard or Reserve and have an eight year obligation. GRFD/SMP cadets also receive Monthly Drill Pay & a Monthly Cadet Stipend. GRFD Scholarship forms are available below.

GRFD Application - Packet includes the application, forms, and instructions

Dedicated Army National Guard Scholarship (DedARNG)

These are similar to GRFD scholarships, but are offered in 2, 2.5 & 3 year periods and put cadets on a National Guard career path.