About Army ROTC at UNH

UNH Army ROTC cadets

Army officer training began at UNH during the 1893-1894 academic year.  In 1922 The U.S. Congress officially organized the Reserve Officers'Training Corps (ROTC) providing its present name under the National Defense Act. 

In World War II's post-war years, the basic and the advance courses of instruction would be re-defined, as well as the development of what would become a new branch of service, the U.S. Air Force.  After 1951-1952, the Army and Air Force became separate ROTC Programs. 

UNH Army ROTC alumni have been active members of the Global War or Terror, participating in operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, and defending the United States at home.  Evolving to meets the future needs of the Army, UNH Army ROTC continues to deliver avenues of career growth for the young men and women determined to accept it.