Researchers in the News

Jenny Jing, Biomedical Science

UNH Global Brigades members Ben Claxton, Christine Hebert, Amber Litterer, Samantha Docos, and Kendall Milkey (all former Hamel Center awardees) recently traveled to Ghana along with several other UNH students. Global Brigades is the world's largest student-led heatlth and development organization. Read more >>

Jenny Jing (Biomedical Science '13) recently presented her research, "An Investigation of the Chemical Phenotype and Genotype of Alveolar Macrophage from Mice Sensitized to Ovalbumin and Fed Dietary Fatty Acids that Vary in N-6 and N-3 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids" at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) in Wisconsin.

Neil Baroody's research on barefoot running (SURF 2012) was recently featured in UNH Today. Baroody, along with grad student Corie Mae Callaluca and mentor Tim Quinn, is putting competitive runners through their paces to determine whether shedding shoes improves running economy, the amount of energy used at a given pace, and, ultimately, performance. Learn more: (Produced by UNH Video Productions)

The research of Hannah Lawrence (Political Science & Justice Studies '13) was featured in UNH Today. Hannah traveled to Egypt in the summer of 2012 with the support of an International Research Opportunities Program grant.

The research projects of Hillary Christopher (Anthropology '13) and Jenny Jing (Biomedical Science '13) were recently featured in UNH Today. Hillary received a 2012 SURF to study “Origins and Methods of Cheese Production in Neolithic Europe: An Archaeological Experiment.” Jing received a 2012 Research Presentation Grant from the Hamel Center to attend the National Conference on Undergraduate Research at Weber State University in Utah, where she presented her work on “Assaying Anthocyanin Pigment Composition in Strawberry Fruit.”

The research of Jackie Amante, a senior environmental science major who traveled to Sweden with the support of an IROP grant, was featured in the spring 2012 edition of UNH's Institute for the Study of Earth, Ocean, and Space newsletter.

The New Hampshire published an article about music performance major Chris Foss, who conducted research with the support of a SURF grant in 2011, and later traveled to Italy with an IROP grant.

An online gallery of Katie Blanchette's work was featured in UNH Today. Katie, a fine arts major who graduates in 2012, received a SURF award in 2011 to explore printmaking.

The UNH Magazine featured the research of IROP recipient Brett Gallo, a music theory major who studied drumming in Ghana during the summer of 2011.

John DeGennaro (REAP 2011) traveled to Belize to conduct archaeological field research. Read about it in Campus Journal.

SURF 2011 awardee and music performance major Jolene Harju was featured in the September 2011 newsletter of the College of Liberal Arts.

Anthropology student Kendra Hanlon (SURF 2011) studied the Mardi Gras Indians in post-Katrina New Orleans and her research was featured on the UNH website.

The summer 2011 research of senior occupational therapy major and McNair scholar Amy Ma (SURF 2010, 2011) was featured on the UNH website. Read about Amy's 2010 research project in Inquiry.