Shelly-Ann Richmond, Class of 2001

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Shelly-Ann Richmond, Class of 2001

Shelly-Ann Richmond is a graduate of the Class of 2001 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Sociology.

During her time at UNH, she was a CONNECT Mentor, Chair of the Diversity Support Coalition and a McNair Scholar. She was a winner of the UNH Movers and Shakers Award, the Women’s Commission Student Award and the Program of the Year Award. She also appeared in Who’s Who in American Colleges and Universities for coordinating one of the highest revenue-earning, well-attended events in the history of student-organized events – for the Black Student Union.

In 1999, Shelly-Ann developed the program “I Am Somebody’s Adored Child” with the aid of then UNH President Joan Leitzel and the Director of Minority Recruitment and Retention, Dr. Roger Beattie.  This program was designed to help students who had the desire to earn college-level education but who were at a disadvantage in economic status, grades or SAT scores. She asked decision-makers to test and apply new ways to reveal true potential for achievement and entrance to college. 

Since 2002, she has expanded the IASAC program to assist teachers, students and the elderly in Jamaica, West Indies. Each year, IASAC donates school supplies, shoes, clothing items, and sufficient reading books to create a library in each classroom. IASAC also gives scholarships. In addition, IASAC has expanded its program to work with a local clinic on a project named “Sights of the Sun”.  SOS donates gently used eyeglass frames and makes them readily available to the elderly and other members of the population in need who are served in the communities surrounded by the health clinic.  
Shelly-Ann has earned her Master of Arts degree in Corporate Communications from Baruch College and a Master of Science in Education from Brooklyn College, where she took her New York Teaching Fellowship. She is now studying for her Master of Science program for Educational Leadership and Supervision at Brooklyn College.

She is also the owner of Sh’events, a business that assists industries in planning programs. She was featured in the 2006 edition of Black Enterprise for her event planning work. Her design work was featured on the cover of The Network Journal: 25 Most Influential Women in Business, (March 2008) and featured on the cover of the annual publication of 40 Under 40, (June 2008).

She co-teaches Math and Science in New York and serves on the planning board for the Una Clarke Charter School.