Upper Quad-Randall Hall

  • Randall Hall

Randall is comprised of four floors located in the middle of the “Upper Quad”. The ground floor is for female students and has a private lounge, perfect for studying or hanging out. The 1st floor is home to the large Randall study lounge and a full kitchen. There is a fireplace for a nice little area to connect with others over crackling flames. The Randall first floor lounge is a great place to hang out or study. Randall 2nd floor is all women and traditionally houses a mix of first year and upper-classmen. First and third floors of Randall are co-ed.

Meet the Hall Director

Gilly Scott
Fun, interactive, fast-moving, and ever-changing are just some of the many characteristics of the Hall Director position that I love! Being a Hall Director means that every day is unique; from daily tasks to developmental conversations, there is never a dull moment.

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Cable TV & HBO
Inside bike storage
Vacation housing
Winter break housing
Wi-Fi Internet
Bunkable Beds