Mills Hall

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Mills is a large upper-classmen hall and offers air-conditioning, a modern kitchen, laundry facilities, and three to four lounges per floor. There are 14 lounges for studying or getting together for hall programs. In addition, Mills residents have access to a pool table, a Ping-Pong table, a TV/DVD, and a seminar room. Within Mills, students live in 4 to 9 person suites with their own bathrooms. The 7-9 person suites have their own living areas. Mills is located next to the MUB and bordering a  quad area where students can play whiffle ball, throw a Frisbee around, or lay out and read. Mills is also conveniently close to downtown and the Durham Marketplace Plaza.

Meet the Hall Director

Elaina Hill
My grandfather is known for saying “if you can’t have any fun, you might as well stay home.” And even though UNH is our home, his catchphrase is still applicable.


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Room Types & Rates


Cable TV & HBO
Wi-Fi Internet

Things Unique

  • Air-conditioned, suite style rooms
  • Upper-class students only
  • Right by the MUB and downtown