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Lord is a small hall that houses residents with a great sense of community. Getting to know other Lord residents is easy. RA’s host weekly socials on each floor, as well as building socials in one of the four hall lounges. The main lounge on the first floor is home to a  fireplace, a pool table, a piano, and flat screen TV with a DVD player.

The Lord Hall Council (LHC) is a group of dedicated residents whose primary responsibility is to make decisions that affect the Lord community, as well as spend the hall money on socials and other events for residents. If you are interested in getting involved just talk to your RA or attend a meeting. Everyone is welcome!

Meet the Hall Director

Jacki Vandergon
Try things outside your comfort zone! Yes, it may be a bit scary and intimidating at first. However, these new experiences will allow you to learn so much about yourself and others in ways you never thought possible.


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Cable TV & HBO
Inside bike storage
Wi-Fi Internet

Things Unique

  • Feel at home-only 120 residents
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Minutes from Stillings dining hall, Business school, and the gym