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  • The Gables Apartments
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Each unit comes fully furnished with a complete kitchen, dining room, living room and beds and bureaus for each resident. Wired and wireless network connections, cable television, in-building laundry facilities (5), and all heat and utilities are included. On-site parking is available for students with demonstrated need and a parking permit.  Gables also have mail and package service, two computer clusters, plus an active community center and recreation lounge.  The Gables apartment complex is located behind Commuter Lot "A" and is connected to the central campus by frequent shuttle bus service or an easy walk.  

Apartment Manager

Donna Han
Working and living on campus is a special treat for me not only because I have always loved the community that comes along with on campus living but I also get to share it with my immediate family, my husband and son.
Victoria Wilson
It’s great to love what you do.

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Cable TV & HBO
Sports courts
Vacation housing
Wi-Fi Internet
Bunkable Beds
Loftable Beds