Faculty Excellence


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It is with great pleasure that I present to you the recipients of the University's 2011 Faculty Excellence awards, recognizing outstanding achievement in teaching, engagement, and research.

I am always impressed with the diversity and depth of our award winners' scholarly pursuits, and this year is certainly no exception. An environmental engineer who helped lead the nation's response to the BP Gulf oil spill, a historian who finds similarities between science and historical research (and has several notable book credits to show for it), a scholar on race relations who chose to come to UNH because of the obvious challenge here in terms of achieving a diverse culture; these are only the beginning.

From engineering to the performing arts, and from education to business, this year's winners represent the remarkable reach of the UNH faculty. Their many talents reflect the full spectrum of the University's mission in teaching, research, and engagement, and speak to the extraordinary opportunities that await students who choose to study here and community members who seek to be our engaged partners.

I know you will find the profiles of our awardees as inspiring as I do. Please enjoy their stories, told in words and photos, and learn a little about what makes these faculty members some of the University's most notable and accomplished people.


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John D. Aber
University Professor and Provost