2010 Site Credits

Faculty Excellence is supported by the Dr. Norman Alexander Teaching Excellence Fund. Established by Arnold P. ’48 and Della Hanson, the fund honors Dr. Alexander for his exceptional career at the University where, from 1929 to 1948, he served as faculty member, dean of men, and chair of the government department.


Kristin Duisberg


Cheryl Dow


Erin Gleason (Cohn, Doucet, Gupta, Eckstein, Prelli),
Lisa Nugent (Collins, Cooper, Trzaskoma, Wake),
Mike Ross (Abrams, Gingras, Hardy, Tsukrov),
and Perry Smith (Ciccone, DeMitchell, Duncan, Morrell, Ware)


Kristin Duisberg, Susan Dumais, Jim Graham, Hope Jordan, Erika Mantz, David Moore, Beth Potier, Jody Record, Carrie Sherman , David Sims, Virginia Stuart, Lori Wright