Excellence in Teaching Award

Brian Bolton

Assistant Professor of Accounting and Finance
Whittemore School of Business and Economics

Brian Bolton

"I didn’t know what I wanted to do until I was in my late 20s."
—Brian Bolton

If there’s anyone who can find a silver lining to the current economic recession, it’s Brian Bolton, assistant professor of accounting and finance. The transformation of the analytical world of finance into a world of intrigue, deception, and breathtaking ethical lapses has motivated students to learn more about the field than ever before.

“The financial crisis has been horrible for the economy, but it has been great for my teaching,” Bolton says. “I can discuss any news story about events in the last year or two, and any student who has a hint of interest in finance is going to be connected and engaged. Last fall was overwhelming. We were in the eye of the hurricane, and they knew it was historic.”

Bolton began tapping into the real world as a motivator long before the current financial crisis. He is open about his journey to teaching—his years at a private equity firm and the lack of fulfillment he found in consulting with PricewaterhouseCoopers—and how a vacation to see his grandmother led to a full-time teaching job and realization of his calling. His message: “I didn’t know what I wanted to do until I was in my late 20s.”

That authenticity rings true for many students, such as Tim Upton ’09, who said he learned more from Bolton than any other professor at UNH.

“Once, I asked him what he loved so much about teaching. He replied that his favorite part was staying in touch with his students and seeing what great things they went on to do after college. Brian has the charisma and intelligence to succeed in any finance company, but instead prefers to teach students what they need to know to go on to successful careers. And he does a very good job of it,” Upton says.

—Lori Wright

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