I would like you to meet and celebrate the achievements of some distinguished UNH faculty members. These extraordinary people exemplify the excellence of UNH faculty as a whole.

In these pages you will learn about the founder of a high-tech company built on chaos theory, a historian who teaches in town halls and board rooms, a forester who serves as a bridge between academe and industry, and an economist who understands the importance of beach sand and clean air.

Their teaching and research touches their students, influences their academic disciplines, and contributes to their communities both here and abroad.

What do these faculty members—the best of the best—have in common?

Read on.

David R. Hiley
Professor of Philosophy
Provost and Vice President for Academic Affairs

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The Best of the Best

Robert Kertzer Elizabeth L. Crepeau Ju-Chin Huang Kevin M. Short
Robert O. Blanchard John P. Resch P.T. Vasudevan Linda Aldrich-Noon
Richard W. England James F. Haney Rita A. Hibschweiler Ann L. Loranger
Susanne F. Paterson Donald W. Quigley Patricia A. Sullivan Deborah Winslow



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