Fair Best Practices

Quick Tips/Reminders:

  • Ship materials ahead of time and leave return-shipping labels. We’ll take care of the rest. That way, you don’t have to lug everything onto the shuttle and back. It’ll be on your table waiting for you when you arrive. We also ship it back to you after the fair wraps.

  • It’s chilly in the Whittemore Center. Wear socks and comfortable shoes. You can also bring carpet runners to stand on behind your table if you’d like.

  • Stay the whole fair (12:00-5:00pm). Students’ schedules have them in and out of classes all day long. Some students may have class until 3:15pm before they can get to the fair.

  • Take resumes & connect on LinkedIn. Even if your company will require an online application, take a physical copy if you can, and connect with them on LinkedIn for future opportunities you may be trying to fill. Students are using LinkedIn more than ever.

  • Hold an open house on-site at your location (if local) sometime AFTER the Career Fair; hand out invites during the fair to students you’d like to attend (or encourage them to bring a classmate).

  • There is no electricity on the floor of the Whittemore Center. If you run videos on laptops, please bring an additional battery, as you will not be able to plug in.

Q: What's the best SWAG (Stuff We All Get) and how much should I bring?

  • This event will attract upwards of 1600 students and alumni.
  • When it comes to what TYPE of SWAG… we have seen everything from customized water bottles, pens, mugs, and hand sanitizers… to flash drives with pre-loaded information on them and adhesive cell phone accessories. It’s completely up to you. Students love free stuff.

  • Food. Candy. Gum. Mints.

Q: How can I stand out at the fair? (non-sponsor)

  • Students are very motivated by raffles and giveaways. If your company is interested in raffling off a gift card or item at your table, let us know; we’ll promote it to students ahead of time.
  • Have a stand-up sign or poster on the table that in big, bold letters states what positions you’re recruiting for, so as students walk by, they can easily see it.
  • Try and engage with them (avoid just sitting behind the table). This may be the first Career Fair for some students in attendance. Don’t assume their lack of eye contact implies they’re not interested in your company. Feel free to call students over, or ask them questions to get them to approach your table.
  • Bring a laptop that streams a short video about your company. This way, if you’re talking to one student, another in line can be absorbing more information about your organization. (There are no power outlets on the floor here, so please charge your laptops or bring an extra battery.)

Q: Can I view students before the fair?

  • Once logged in to your Wildcat Careers account, click into your Events tab and select Career Fair Registration. You can select the All RSVP’d Students tab to view resumes ahead of time or generate a resume book for later.
  • The green “10” icon next to their name will symbolize those who have you in their Top 10.
    • They can change their Top 10 at any time, but if they choose to notify you, you will remain in their Top 10.