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Community Literacy Center Lit Support: Remote

UNH Community Literacy Support: Remote 2023

Work on your goals for reading and writing with a CLC tutor!

Students meet individually with a tutor for 45 minute sessions. During their first meetings, students complete assessments and establish a literacy goal. Tutors use students’ assessments, interests, and goals to guide research-based, developmentally appropriate literacy instruction. Activities might include: word chains, word ladders, phonics instruction, reader’s theater, riddles, jokes, assisted reading, and writing activities.

Who: Students in grades K-12
Where: online, via Zoom (the CLC also offers in-person Literacy Support)
When: Tuesday and/or Thursday; 3:15-4:00, 4:15-5:00, 5:15-6:00, 6:15-7:00. Tutoring is available from September 19 - December 7 and from January 31 - May 2.

New students may register at any time, but all slots are scheduled on a first-come, first-served basis. Register early for the greatest time/day selection.

After registration is complete, the CLC will contact you to learn about your child as a reader and writer and set up your tutoring schedule (#sessions per week, in-person or online, and time). It takes about two weeks between registration and the first tutoring meeting.

Participants purchase 6- or 12-session punch-cards. To retain a tutoring spot, a new punch-card must be purchased prior to completion of the prior punch-card. If a child is regularly attending tutoring, punch-cards do not expire between semesters. If a child is not regularly attending tutoring (i.e. missed 3 or more meetings in a row), the punch-card expires at the end of a semester. All CLC attendance policies apply to punch card use.

Punch Card Type Sessions per week Cost
  2 (preferred) 1  
6-session 3 weeks tutoring 6 weeks tutoring $162
12-session 6 weeks tutoring 12 weeks tutoring $300

Click the '+' on the block(s) on the right to choose your number of sessions and enroll. If using a mobile device, the block(s) may appear on the bottom of the page. 

Online registration instructions: please review before enrolling for the best outcome. Family Accounts are recommended for enrolling a child or children in any UNH Youth Program. Note: if you have an account in our system already, you will be asked to log into either a family or student account. Be sure you know which account you have and know your username and password. This will minimize difficulty and time while enrolling. Do not create a new account if you have one already.

For more information and questions, contact: literacy.center@unh.edu

For the program website: Community Literacy Center

162.00 CLC Lit Support - 6 sessions
No Pay Enrollment
Multi Card Discount