Applying to TWC

All applicants must meet with the UNH TWC Liaison, Paula DiNardo, in advance of applying, to review all aspects of the application process, including reviewing drafts of your resume, essay, and interest statement, and to review costs, credits, and the placement process.

The Washington Center Intern, Jane

Typically, students meet with the Liaison 2-3 times before the application is approved and submitted to TWC!  Please carefully review the information below AND read the TWC Application Resources website for help with your application and documents. 

Applications will not be approved without a thorough review of all supporting documents by the UNH TWC Liaison.

Create a Profile on UNH-Via

  • This portal will primarily be used to keep track of documentation and UNH paperwork.
  • Use your UNH username and password to create an account in UNH-Via (click the blue box marked "Go To Portal" to get started).
  • Search programs and select The Washington Center at UNH.  
  • Download and complete the UNH Study Away Eligibility Form.  Email it to your College Dean's Office for review.

Online Application for TWC Internships

  • Start your online application for The Washington Center (Academic Internship Program) and click on Apply Now.
  • You are not required to complete application in one sitting.  You can start, save, and continue to work on it later.
  • Do NOT upload any documents, until they've been reviewed and approved by the UNH TWC Liaison, Paula M. DiNardo.


  • A one-page, professional resume is required.
  • Students are encouraged to use the resources and templates provided by the UNH Career and Professional Success team, to create their first draft of a resume.
  • Starting from scratch?  We highly recommend you build your resume using the UNH VMock service.  Start your resume, then use the VMOCK review service for feedback--it's FREE when you login with your UNH username and password. 
  • Subsequent drafts will be reviewed with the UNH TWC Liaison until approval is given to upload.

Statement of Professional Interest

  • The Statement of Interest is a 100-word, no-frills statement of the skills and experiences you wish to gain through your internship.
  • Think of it as an extended objective statement, or a very short, not-very-sweet cover letter.
  • The audience is your future internship site supervisor; they want to know right away if they have what you are looking for.  A rough outline should be:
    • I would like an internship in the field of...
    • Specifically, I'd like to be exposed to/learn more about/gain skills in...
    • This would assist me in reaching my career goal of...
  • Be direct, concise, and as specific as possible. Talk about the skills and experiences you want from your internship and why. This is not the place to address skills you already have or how excited you are to do anything they ask of you.
  • Do not name any specific agencies, so that you are not limiting who considers your application.

Issues Essay or Writing Sample

  • Write an essay on a key issue that is relevant to the field you are hoping to intern in (see sample issues essays) or submit a writing sample from a previous course or experience.
  • Essay should be written in the first person, and should contain some of your personal views, but should back them up with facts that support your position.
  • The essay serves two functions for TWC's hiring agencies:
    • Primarily, it serves as a writing sample, for employers to see the quality of your writing skills and your ability to make and support a strong argument, and
    • It is a way of indicating to any hiring agency what you are interested in or where you stand on issues, so that you are matched with an employer that is a good fit for you.
  • Make sure your grammar is perfect. List your full name & school clearly at the top. Double spaced with 1" margins, 500 words. If you need ideas for current policies or hot topics, try Congressional Quarterly, CQ Researcher, The National Journal, or

Unofficial Transcript

  • You will need one unofficial transcript from UNH.
  • UNH transcripts can be ordered online via WebCat, then upload to the TWC application portal.  TWC does not accept mailed, paper transcripts.

Letters of Recommendation

  • A letter or recommendation is only required for applicants whose GPA falls between 2.5 and 2.75. 
  • Applicants in need of a letter of recommendation should work with the UNH TWC Liaison to select the most appropriate writer, and the review the process and timeline for making a request.


UNH Records Check

Complete a UNH Study Away Student Eligibility Form (found in UNH-Via), to confirm that you are in good academic, financial, and judicial standing, and that you will represent UNH in a positive light. Interning with TWC is a privilege, and students with prior judicial or arrest records may not be eligible to attend.

Application Deadlines

  • Plan early! All applicants must meet with the UNH TWC Liaison in advance of filling out the application, to review all aspects of the application process, including reviewing drafts of your resume, writing sample, and statement. Students must also provide an official transcript from all colleges attended, and a completed & signed UNH Study Away Student Eligibility Form, which can be downloaded through UNH-Via.
  • Early Application is encouraged for placements that require security clearances, and possibly a few other sites. Some examples are the U.S. Depts. of Justice, Homeland Security, and State, federal law enforcement agencies.