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  • UNH alumnus Peter Julian Horne ’58, ’67G
    - In Memoriam: Peter Julian Horne ’58, ’67G
    The great love of Peter Horne’s life was his wife Holly (Patterson) ’60, whom he met at UNH. On the day he died, Nov. 7, 2016, he wrote her a final love note, a fitting tribute to... Read More
  • UNH alumnus Douglas Hood MacGregor ’62
    - In Memoriam: Douglas Hood MacGregor ’62
    While a student at Tilton-Northfield High School in the mid-1950s, Doug MacGregor led the cross country team to two state titles. His arrival at UNH was eagerly anticipated by... Read More
  • UNH alumna Susan J. Bruns ’78 ’95G with a horse
    - In Memoriam: Susan J. Bruns ’78 ’95G
    At age two, Susan Bruns’ favorite toy was a plastic spring rocking horse that she “rode” by the hour in what is now Durham’s historic Three Chimneys Inn. At the time, the inn was... Read More
  • interior shot of stairwells in newly renovated Hamilton Smith Hall
    - Its Former Glory, and Then Some
    After two years of work, the extensively renovated Hamilton Smith Hall opens its doors this fall (see inside). The $37 million overhaul to the iconic building included... Read More
  • illustration of a woman riding a bicycle in front of a large clock
    - 150 Years of UNH Memories
    Okay, we admit it: The stories that follow don’t actually span 150 years, but they do, in fact, span a full 75. As we wrap up our yearlong celebration of the university’s... Read More
  • Kristin Duisberg in a closet with some SCUBA gear
    - In This Issue...
    One of the great privileges of serving as editor of this magazine is having the opportunity to connect with so many of the university’s alumni. This issue’s sesquicentennial wrap-... Read More
  • UNH students walking on Garrison Avenue against a colorful sunset over Thompson Hall
    - Helping Bridge the Gap
    When we launched our historic fundraising campaign last year, one priority was at the forefront: ensuring that UNH is affordable and accessible for all qualified students,... Read More
  • a mural in progress at UNH's Dimond Library, celebrating its sesquicentennial
    - A Picture Worth 150 Years
    The first thing you notice is the swirl of vibrant colors and the larger-than-life figures, chosen to visually mark the university’s 150-year history. Created by students in art... Read More
  • UNH associate professor of chemical engineering Xiaowei Teng
    - Building a Better Battery
    Batteries, those ubiquitous add-ons to virtually every electronic birthday or holiday gift, have been getting a bad rap of late. Recent headlines have detailed their propensity to... Read More
  • UNH alumna Jude Blake ’77
    - The Path to Success
    Bequest gift will bolster CELEBRATE 150, support scholarships. Read More