UNH Tomorrow

A look at what's ahead for UNH

Planning for the future is a part of every day here at UNH. Here are some of the major initiatives for the months and years ahead. 

  • COLA Dean Ken Fuld at Ham Smith topping off ceremony, UNH

    Topping Off

    On Thursday, March 31, university community members and Skanska construction officials and crews gathered for a “topping off” ceremony at Hamilton... Read More
  • Conversations at the Crossroads discussion

    A Community Speaks

    Jaime Nolan likes good conversation. In her role as associate vice president for community, equity and diversity, she converses a lot, and with many... Read More
  • University of New Hampshire

    Weigh In: Intercampus Conversation Begins November 3

    Here’s a chance to weigh in on what’s important to you. Earlier this year, a task force comprising students, faculty and administrators from all... Read More
  • University of New Hampshire campus and students

    What Does Community Mean to You?

    Here’s some homework: Think about what community means to you. Hint: There’s no right or wrong answer, but every answer will be important for a task... Read More
  • Construction Equipment on Site

    Under Construction

    That ringing in your ears is not imaginary. It’s the sound of construction taking place all across campus. Even before the last cars rolled out of... Read More
  • UNH students on camels

    Live in the Big World

    As you read this, hundreds of UNH students are studying abroad in places like Italy, China, France, Ireland and Australia. Five years from now, twice... Read More
  • University of New Hampshire

    Strategic Plan Update Published

    Community members are encouraged to review the plan and share feedback and suggestions by Feb. 5. Read More
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