UNH Magazine Winter 2014

Featuring UNH alums making it big in Hollywood, the late Whoop Snively and memories of meeting MLK
  • Jennifer Lee

    UNH Goes to Hollywood

    Screenwriter and director Jennifer (Rebecchi) Lee ’92 is living like a princess—the kind of hard-working, modern Disney princess she writes about. In... Read More
  • Whoop Snively with football player

    Tough Love

    Even half a century ago, A. Barr "Whoop" Snively was considered an old-school coach. His physical size alone lent him an air of toughness. Former... Read More
  • civil rights artwork

    The Road I've Traveled: Lessons in Civil Rights

    Thump, thump, thump. The sound wove harmlessly through my dreams until a loud voice roused me: "Mr. Fernandez, open this door!" I sat up as my brain... Read More
  • tent in mountains from Schley Relief Expedition, 1884

    Beyond Borders

    Geoffrey "Jeff" Clark, M.D., '11G signed up for a UNH philosophy class just for fun toward the end of his career as a gastroenterologist. He had no... Read More
  • Larry Mayer

    Ocean Interconnections

    Photo: Lisa Nugent/UNH Photographic Services In the ocean, everything is connected, from water columns and currents to geological formations and... Read More
  • Hawaiian Bobtail Squid

    Odd Couple

    Photo: Kahikai.org Cheryl Whistler is enchanted by her research subject, the Hawaiian bobtail squid. When she describes the petite sea creature, it... Read More
  • Colin Ware

    Deep Data

    It may look like a roller coaster or a video game, but the 3-D map behind Colin Ware, director of data visualization research at UNH’s Center for... Read More
  • UNH bee hotel

    Ancient Buzz

    When the dinosaurs died off 65 million years ago, they left clues behind, their fossils scattered around the world in bits and pieces and, sometimes... Read More
  • Laurent ’43 and Ann Miller ’46 Morin

    World View

    Photo: Jessica Milligan When Laurent ’43 and Ann Miller ’46 Morin arrived in Algiers for their first posting with the Foreign Service in 1948, the... Read More
  • Laurie Folkes '70

    Act Two

    Laurie Folkes ’70 knew he was taking a risk when he decided to move from computer sales to acting during the country’s worst financial crisis since... Read More
UNH Magazine Winter 2014

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