The Places They'll Go 2017

A look at where this year's graduates are headed
  • a photo collage of different UNH 2017 graduates
  • UNH graduate Rachel Sabol '17

    Bio Brain

    When you talk with Rachel Sabol ’17 about her scholarly work, it’s as if she’s been in bioresearch for years. Words tumble from her mouth as she... Read More
  • UNH graduate Eddie Alhamdan '17

    An Accountant from Amman

    Eddie Alhamdan '17 came all the way from Amman, Jordan, to study accounting at UNH. “When I was on the plane coming here, a lot was going on in my... Read More
  • UNH graduate Julianne Calef '17

    Financial Fitness

    Business is not black and white, and that’s one of the things Julianne Calef ’17 likes about it. The Rochester, New Hampshire, native entered the UNH... Read More
  • UNH graduate Brenden Holt

    Always in Action

    What’s the best major at UNH? Health and physical education, says Brenden Holt ’17, who transferred to UNH after starting college someplace else. “... Read More
  • photo of David Sharkey

    In Honor of His Grandmother

    David Sharkey's next stop is a high shool in Madrid, Spain.
    David Sharkey was in an inner-city Italian middle school... Read More
  • photo of Hannah Vagos

    Answering the Siren Song

    Hannah Vagos '17 is teaching at the UNH ESL Institute before heading to Madrid, Spain, to teach this fall.
    Teaching runs in... Read More
  • photo of Jordan Mrvos

    Minding the Gap

    Jordan Mrvos '17 turned an internship into a full-time job.
    Jordan Mrvos wants to bridge gaps between people. It’s something... Read More
  • Thanh Dinh ’17


    Thanh Dinh ’17 had a personal reason for delaying his application to medical school so he could volunteer with City Year, and he offers it up readily... Read More
  • UNH graduate Robert Bender '17

    From Navigator to Drafter

    Before graduating from UNH in May, Robert Bender '17 spent 20 years as an airman. That gave him plenty of time to think about his next career. The... Read More
  • Alana Davidson

    Meal Plan

    Alana Davidson’s emails end with this quote: “For now I ask no more than the justice of eating.” It’s from Pablo Neruda’s “The Great Tablecloth,” a... Read More
  • Meg Hauschildt, UNH graduate

    Exercising Her Mind

    Margarethe “Meg” Hauschildt '17 is on her way to a career in healthcare. But first, a stop in New York. Hauschildt will enter the doctoral program in... Read More
  • UNH graduate Kelsey Ulaskiewicz ’17

    You’re Hired

    Kelsey Ulaskiewicz ’17 was a junior when she stood before 50 of her peers in the Atkins Investment Group and, for 90 minutes, tried to convince them... Read More
  • Shawn Swist ’17

    An Astronomical Goal

    Lots of young girls and boys are fascinated by space — by rockets and spaceships and the idea of traveling to other galaxies. Shawn Swist ’17 was... Read More
  • Tiffany Winn ‘17

    Job? Check

    Unlike some new alumni, Tiffany Winn '17 wasn’t stressed about getting a job after she graduated in May, and for good reason. She had landed one... Read More
  • UNH graduate Anna Gruen

    Finding Her Success

    During a recent job interview, a could-be future boss asked Anna Gruen ’17, “Where do you see yourself in 50 years?” In other words, where does she... Read More
  • UNH graduate Taylor Mitchell

    Taylor Mitchell Looks to National Guard, Police Academy

    It was on a cold day in January when Taylor Mitchell took his first ride-along with Officer Nicholas Cutting of the Bow Police Department as part of... Read More
  • UNH's Jasmin Buteau '17

    From Student to Teacher

    Measuring by miles, Jasmin Buteau ’17 won’t be far from campus in her first year after UNH, but she’ll have to cross some ocean to get there. “I’ve... Read More
  • UNH Manchester's Tricia Melillo '17

    She’s Headed for the Senate

    Tricia Melillo '17 is working for the New Hampshire Senate.
    Tricia Melillo ’17 loves history. She is fascinated with the U.S... Read More
  • Samuel Warach '17

    Passion for Innovation Leads to NextStep

    When Sam Warach '17 was a sophomore, he cofounded the UNH Entrepreneurship Club. In 2016, he was among four students to be the first to train as... Read More
  • UNH's Caitlin Truesdale '17

    Next Stop: The Guggenheim

    For many lovers of art and culture, the Guggenheim is the place to go. For Caitlin Truesdale ’17, the museum’s Venice, Italy, location will be her... Read More
  • UNH's Meghan Carr '17

    The Sea Is Her Campus

    Meghan Carr ’17 is no stranger to the plight of sea mammals, and now she's taking her research efforts to the next level. “In September, I will begin... Read More
  • UNH's Will Lombard '17

    The Play’s the Thing

    Will Lombard '17 will spend the summer on stage.
    Whether behind the scenes or at center stage as the leading man, William... Read More
  • Joanna Lewis '17

    What’s Next: Water Sanitation in Panama

    When Joanna Lewis ’17 was thinking about what she would do with her newly minted degree in environmental engineering, she didn’t turn to a big firm... Read More
  • UNH student Carrington Cazeau '17

    Career Minded

    Talk about plum assignments: When Boston native Carrington Cazeau ’17 went to Washington, D.C., for an internship with the U.S. Marshals Service, he... Read More
  • UNH's Sophia Japhet '17G

    A Rising Star

    Even before Sophia Japhet received her master’s degree in public health from UNH Manchester on May 18, she was recognized in the state for excellence... Read More
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