Meet a Researcher

Video insights into some of UNH's most investigatory minds

From the uncharted ocean depths to the edge of our solar system and the Earth we call home, from understanding our changing climate to protecting our most vulnerable populations, UNH researchers produce knowledge that transforms lives, solves global challenges and drives economic growth. Watch to learn about what they're discovering — and who they are.

  • Nathan Schwadron, professor of physics at UNH

    Communications Breakdown?

    Radiation from the sun’s solar wind can damage satellites we depend on for things like cell phones and ATMs. Professor of physics Nathan Schwadron... Read More
  • Corinna Jenkins Tucker

    Sibling Studies

    Our brothers and sisters shape who we are and how we relate to others. Corinna Jenkins Tucker aims to understand the role of conflict in these... Read More
  • Jennifer Miksis-Olds

    Good Listener

    Do you hear what she hears? Probably not. Jennifer Miksis-Olds has made a career out of listening to some of the Earth’s most curious creatures. Read More
  • Scott Ollinger, professor of ecosystem ecology at UNH

    On High with Scott Ollinger

    Scott Ollinger, professor of ecosystem ecology, understands our changing climate by studying the forests AND the trees.    Read More
  • UNH associate professor of anthropology Meghan Howey

    Meghan Howey Digs Durham

    On the edge of Great Bay, Meghan Howey, associate professor of anthropology, digs for clues to New Hampshire's early — and violent — past.   Read More
graphic of the silhouette of a researcher and UNH's Thompson Hall

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