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  • map of Cuba

    Those Famous 90 Miles

    In Cuba it is called “el bloqueo,” the U.S. embargo against trade and travel that has been in place since 1960. On March 22, during his three-day... Read More
  • Brussels

    Trying To Explain the Unexplainable

    When Jim Ramsay walked into his classroom at UNH Manchester Tuesday morning, he set aside his planned lesson and asked students to talk about the... Read More
  • UNH professor Larry Hamilton

    Climate Change Cooperation

    Leaders from across the globe have convened in Paris for COP21, the United Nations’ climate summit, where they are working toward a “... Read More
  • Corinthian column

    Prevention Perspective

      Recently, former St. Paul’s School senior Owen Labrie, accused of raping a younger student, was convicted of misdemeanor charges of having sex... Read More
  • Pope Francis

    The Winds of (Climate) Change

    On Thursday, June 18, 2015, Pope Francis made history in an encyclical — a papal letter that is distributed to all bishops in the Roman Catholic... Read More
  • David Finkelhor

    UNH Expert Weighs In On Duggar Drama

    David Finkelhor, director of the UNH Crimes Against Children Research Center When news broke that the Duggar family — known for their TLC show "19... Read More
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