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Resources for building a better, more diverse culture at UNH

Students come to UNH to learn, challenge themselves, meet new friends and build a foundation that will serve them well as they build successful and happy lives. While there are ups and downs and challenging moments during every student's educational journey, no student should be disrespected or — worse yet — experience acts of hate or racism. These acts are against our core values. However, incidents from this past year, particularly those in May, have challenged those values and provide an opportunity for self-reflection, growth and improvement. We must address overt and covert acts of hate and racism, and it will take everyone at UNH working together to improve our campus climate. This is why we are taking a systemic and comprehensive approach in the assessment and coordination all of our efforts to address issues of diversity, inclusion and civility. If you have ideas and want to help, please contact Jaime Nolan.

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