UNH Statement on Decision to Fund Stadium Scoreboard

Friday, September 16, 2016

Robert Morin’s decision to leave his entire estate, $4 million, to the university was incredibly generous. Despite being asked many times over many years by his financial advisor it was Mr. Morin’s firm decision to designate only a small portion of his estate to the library and to leave the rest unrestricted for the university to use as it saw fit. It is also important to note that the majority of the gift, $2.5 million, will be used to directly support students with the launch of an expanded and centrally-located student career and professional success center.

Yes, we have heard from people who disagree with how the gift was used. We respect and acknowledge that feedback but it does not change our decision. Matching infrastructure to UNH’s aspirations and investing in student career success are two of our highest strategic priorities that we have communicated with our board and our campus community.

Historically UNH has invested very little in athletics facilities, and it showed. It took 80 years to expand and renovate our 1936 facility into Wildcat Stadium – a superb, immersive experience for students and others. UNH now has a stadium that, while very modest compared to others in the country, is one every New Hampshire resident can be proud of. A facility like Wildcat Stadium is transformative to our campus experience in helping UNH to recruit the best and brightest students, build our campus and alumni community pride, and host events like Special Olympics and state high school championships that are as excellent as one would expect from a flagship state university. 

Erika Mantz
Director, UNH Media Relations