Paul Robertson

Lecturer in the Department of Classics, Humanities and Italian Studies

Paul Robertson is a lecturer in the Department of Classics, Humanities and Italian Studies at the University of New Hampshire. He is a specialist in ancient Mediterranean religion and philosophy, the history of western thought and the theory of religion that looks to answer what religion is and why it exists. He particularly focuses on the origins of big ideas in western thought, tracing the diverse and formative influences on our current understandings of morality, justice, virtue, health and spirituality.

Recently, he has been working in the cognitive science of religion, which investigates the human brain's biological evolution in order to better understand religious beliefs and practices across cultures. His publications include books and articles connecting these interests, supported with grants and fellowships ranging from community groups interested in religious literacy and narrative medicine to research centers at Harvard University and Washington, DC.

College of Liberal Arts
Classics, Humanities, and Italian Studies
Paul Robertson
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