Andrew D. Coppens

Assistant Professor of Education in Learning Sciences

Andrew D. Coppens joined UNH in 2015 and is an assistant professor of education in learning sciences. He earned his Ph.D. in developmental psychology from the University of California Santa Cruz, with a designated emphasis in Latin American and Latina/o studies. Mr. Coppens researches variation in the cultural organization of childhood – how families and communities arrange for children to learn the things they value, and how children’s learning and development is rooted in the activities of everyday life.

Much of his research examines how children’s learning becomes integrated with or segregated from productive family and community work. His recent focus is how toddlers and young children learn to collaborate with others, and what supports their motivation to help.

Mr. Coppens has conducted extensive research in middle-class and indigenous-heritage families and communities of Mexico and the United States. He teaches graduate and undergraduate courses on cultural diversity in learning and human development, as well as qualitative and mixed-method research.

Children's learning
Student motivation
Multicultural learning
Children in Latin America
College of Liberal Arts
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