Carole Barnett

Associate Professor of Management

Carole Barnett teaches, conducts research, and consults in the areas of organizational leadership and learning, change and transformation, design and development, and culture. She has worked with numerous senior executives and managers to develop their organizational capability for transformative, generative leadership and change.

She has published academic and practitioner-oriented journal articles as well as cases based on her research of Ford Motor Company, General Motors, Navistar International Corporation, GE Lighting, GE Capital, GE Medical Systems, GE Plastics, GE’s R&D Labs’ organic growth strategies, ValuJet Airlines self-destruction, Polaris Industries’ growth and development, and leadership development at all levels in BAE Systems Inc., among others.

Her central research interest is learning as a change process -- in and across individuals, groups, organizations, industries, and nations. She has studied the complex relationships between individual and organizational learning through the dynamics of leadership, small groups, and teams as well as through large-scale organizational adaptation and transformation. Her research emphasizes institutional culture as an artifact as well as a mechanism of learning, and she has studied change occurring through mergers and acquisitions, crisis and failure, technology development and commercialization, quality improvement, and safety systems in organizations.

Organizational leadership
Design and structure
Development, change and transformation
Culture and climate
Paul College of Business and Economics
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