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  • Sustained Generosity

    Sustained Generosity

    On May 30, members of the university's Lifetime Giving Societies were celebrated for what they make possible at UNH during the All Hail event held at the Dimond Library. The event featured a program...
  • John Olson '57

    In Memoriam: John Olson ’57

    In his lifetime, John Olson ’57 shied away from recognition and accolades.
  • Jack Smith '50

    In Memoriam: Jack Smith ’50

    Jack Smith '50 grew up during at time when helping strangers in need and giving back was a way of life, and at UNH, his “helping out” never seemed to stop.
  • A group of students post for a photo at the CYOS luncheon

    Nominate Students for CYOS

    Know an exceptional UNH student? Nominate them for the Create Your Own Story program by Jan. 23.
  • Linda and Craig Rydin

    Helping Hometown Grads

    Berlin, New Hampshire, natives Craig and Linda Labnon Rydin '71 attended UNH and are helping others from that North Country town come here.
  • Lisa Vroman portrait

    Legacy in Song

    Actress and singer Lisa Vroman will perform at a concert to benefit the Neil B. Vroman Memorial Fund scholarship.
  • Stephanie Fulton '17, Ahed "Eddie" Alhamdan '17 and Crystal Napoli '18

    Nominate a Student for Create Your Own Story Award

    Nominations are open for the 2017-2018 Create Your Own Story celebration.
  • UNH alumnus Bob Winot ’71

    Making Time for College

    Bob Winot ’71 is giving back to future UNH students in hopes that they don’t have to toil quite as much as he did to earn their undergraduate degrees.
  • UNH Alum Bob Winot

    A Lasting Impact

    A bequest from Bob Winot ’71 will support CEPS scholarships.
  • UNH hockey player on the ice during a game at the Whittemore Center Arena

    Donor Impact: Athletics

    Danny Buzzell talks with UNH Today about how donors help make UNH Athletics successful.
  • Donor Impact: ECenter

    Donor Impact: ECenter

    UNH Today talks with Heather MacNeill about how donors help make the ECenter successful.  
  • a student and a horse at the University of New Hampshire

    Donor Impact: Equine Center

    UNH Today recently spoke with staff at the UNH Equine Center about their program and how donors help make it successful. What has the 2016-17 year been like for the equine program?
  • UNH students walking down Main St. in Durham, NH

    Donor Impact: International Education and Global Engagement

    UNH Today talks with Gregg Orifici about how donors impact the work of the UNH Center for International Education and Global Engagement. 
  • UNH rowers on a dock holding oars

    Donor Impact: Rowing

    UNH Today spoke with Rachel Rawlinson recently about how donors help make her program successful. Rawlinson is head of men's and women's rowing at UNH.  How does donor support help your program?
  • Crowd of students inside the Memorial Union Building

    Heart of Campus

    The MUB is known as the heart of the campus for good reason — and donors keep that heart beating all year long.
  • Thompson Hall, UNH Durham campus

    Gratitude Goes a Long Way

    Thanks to the generosity of alumni Craig and Linda Rydin, Berlin High School students UNH will receive extra scholarship support.
  • Vegetables at a farmer's market

    Finding Sustainable Solutions

    A UNH-based network aims to solve tomorrow’s food problems today.
  • From Nixon to Trump, and All the Presidents in Between

    From Nixon to Trump, and All the Presidents in Between

    Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Bob Woodward recently visited UNH.
  • Farm of the Future

    Farm of the Future

    Students believe aquaponics could alleviate hunger and starvation around the world.
  • Group of alums gather at the Kanca sign

    A Tough Ride for a Good Cause

    What Nate Maher ’99 and a group of his college buddies are about to undertake could be a grueling, painful endeavor: cycling for 100 miles in a single day for a good cause.
  • Ghanaian children cheering

    Global Impact

    Two years ago, five UNH students had a vision to deliver a reliable and sustainable energy system to a community in need.
  • The Parental Perspective

    The Parental Perspective

    The family of Nathan Bujwid '17 applaud his hard work as evidence that he respects the power of donor generosity.
  • Griffin LeClerc sits at a table inside the IOL.

    Innovative Interns

    For high school interns, the InterOperability Lab provides experiences that inspire.
  • UNH spring 2016

    Students Receive Awards, Scholarships

    Thirteen students were honored recently at the 2016 Student Awards Presentation.
  • Haylee Colannino '17

    Ace of Cakes

    Earlier this month, several undergraduates were recognized at the 2016 Student Awards Presentation. Haylee Colannino '17 was called out for her carrot cake. OK, not only for her carrot cake. Actually...
  • Ike Leslie, John Berst and Casey O'Dea pose for a photo at the LGBTQ+Ally Pancake Breakfast

    Applauding Campus Advocates

    Casey O’Dea knows you can’t force people to change their minds. He’s hoping that sharing information about what it means to be transgender might be just the thing people need to change their thinking...
  • Attendees of UNH's Great Works luncheon

    Donors See the Benefits of Their Gifts

    Download and view all images from the event
  • Students look at items in a tank at UNH's Shoals Marine Lab.

    Offshore Discoveries

    From solar panel installation to marine animal research, the Shoals Marine Lab is where students become scientists.
  • Veterans Day 2015

    A Day for Veterans

    Michael Elliott (Photo: Sid Caesar)
  • Honoring a Mentor

    Honoring a Mentor

    Phil LadenLa ’59 memorializes his campus advisor’s compassion with a scholarship, allowing international students to flourish at UNH.
  • Becky Sideman - UNH Cooperative Extension

    Creating Your Own Garden

    Ever dreamed of growing your own food? Maybe this is the summer that you finally plant a kitchen garden to supply a summer’s worth of veggies and herbs for your home-cooked meals. “A kitchen garden...
  • lawrence woods with student

    Celebrating UNH’s Black Pioneers

    UNH hosted a Pioneer Black Alumni Weekend recently to pay homage to those who paved the way for future generations by being among the first students of color to enroll at UNH. The weekend also...
  • Jared Cassedy - UNH alum

    Music Man

    Jared Cassedy ’04 is a music teacher in Windham, N.H., but he doesn’t see the 87 high-schoolers in his band as students. He sees them as fellow musicians. “With the right guidance and support, these...
  • Peter Wilkinson '15 - UNH

    One to Watch: Q & A with Peter Wilkinson '15

    Why did you decide to come to UNH? Originally I wanted to go to school for engineering, so I was looking at MIT. Math and science were the name of the game for me. But when I visited here, the UNH...
  • UNH Professor David Seiler

    Amplifying the Individual

    Professor of music Dave Seiler plans to continue mentoring young music students. Though recently retired, no one believes he'll bow out of the UNH or Seacoast music scenes any time soon — including...
  • UNH Class of 1965 reunion dinner

    Fifty Years Strong

    Jeanne Leavitt's most vivid memories of her undergrad years at UNH? "Hanging out in the student union, staying up late and gossiping all night!" Leavitt says. They may not have stayed up all night 50...
  • UNH graduate Verna Boudreau '15

    Completing Her Journey

    In the weeks leading up to her UNH graduation, Verna Boudreau, just like her fellow members of the class of 2015, was wading through a flurry of Commencement-related emails — where to pick up caps...
  • One to Watch

    One to Watch

    If you were anywhere near Durham the day of commencement in May, you may have heard some loud chanting among the speeches and applause of the joyous occasion. That was Peter Wilkinson, leading the...
  • Deborah Bynum-Morgan with student

    Deborah Bynum-Morgan ’73

    Deborah Bynum-Morgan was born in California and raised in Goffstown, N.H. She took a leap of faith and moved to New York City after graduating from the University of New Hampshire. After trying...
  • Ruwa Majid-Pokorny in the classroom

    The Challenging Language and Captivating Culture of Arabic

      After a string of sentences in Arabic, Ruwa Majid-Pokorny stops speaking. "OK, tell me what I just said." There are a few quiet responses. She pauses to give a brief pep talk to the dozen or so...
  • Students in New Orleans

    Big Lessons of the Big Easy

    When a group of UNH students finally heard the music on the street corners of New Orleans; when they took a ride with a friendly carriage driver who rode around with his pet snake (and told them...
  • Award winners at the LGBTQ+ breakfast

    A Breakfast With A History

    UNH's annual LGBTQ+ and Ally Pancake Breakfast started as a form of protest more than two decades ago. Former journalism professor Jane Harrigan wrote about the breakfast's history in an article for...
  • LGBT Pancake breakfast award winner

    A Morning Celebration

    At the UNH LGBTQ+ and Ally Breakfast this week, Joelle Ryan '96 '02G recalled how in the past two decades, the presence of transgender students has grown, as have the benefits and support for gay,...
  • Sydney Howard '17 and Sierra Eugley '15 at a farmers market

    Series: In the Classroom

    Ever wish you could sit-in on one of the coolest courses at UNH? With our In The Classroom series, we go into the labs and classrooms here on the Durham campus. Hear from professors, instructors and...
  • L.L. Bean’s Shawn Gorman ’89

    Big Shoes: L.L. Bean’s Shawn Gorman ’89

    Shawn Gorman ’89 is just the third chairman in the 103-year history of L.L. Bean, legendary retailer of everything from fly-fishing rods to flannel pajamas—and those boots. What is it about the boots...
  • Shawn Gorman ’89 of L.L. Bean

    Of Boots and Business

    Shawn Gorman '89 is just the third chairman in the 103-year history of L.L. Bean, legendary retailer of everything from fly-fishing rods to flannel pajamas and the uber-popular L.L. Bean Boots.
  • Shawn Gorman ’89 of L.L. Bean

    More Bean's Background

    Can't get enough L.L. Bean background? Read on for more...
  • Dan Tran UNH alum on Jeopardy

    Grad student weathers Internet dust-up, does UNH proud

    The world of Internet snarkiness is finally giving UNH grad student Dan Tran a break. 
  • Brig. Gen. Peter Corey '83

    Mission: Monrovia

      Brig. Gen. Peter Corey ’83 has been deployed to many places in the world that are dangerous for various reasons — but perhaps none gave his family as much pause as when he left for Liberia last...
  • Randy Pierce and Alyssa Ballestero with guidedog Autumn

    Risk Takers

    UNH alumnus Randy Pierce (left) and guidedog Autumn and UNH alumna Alyssa Ballestero ’10 visited professor Brent Bell’s “Risk and the Human Experience” class recently. For Randy Pierce ’88, the...
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