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  • Assistant Professor of Organizational Behavior Michael Kukenberger

    Shared Leadership Pays Dividends

    Leadership is a process, not a person, according to Michael Kukenberger, assistant professor of organizational behavior.  
  • Assistant Professor of Decision Sciences Melda Ormeci Matoglu

    Optimizing Capacity for Demand

    Airline scheduling consists of major planning challenges. Integrating them into a monthly unified system can frustrate the best of planners. 
  • Professor of Accounting John Hasseldine

    The Ethics of Tax Practice

    Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in the United States and three million accountants globally must comply with a professional code of ethics. One core ethical principle, that of integrity, implies...
  • Paul College Professor of Economics Ju-Chin Huang

    The Cost of Clean Air

    How can you put a price tag on the benefits of cleaning up the air, shoring up diminishing water supplies, or producing less garbage?
  • Atrium in Paul College

    A Wealth of Support

    Like many others, when the severity and scope of the COVID-19 pandemic began to sink in several weeks ago and businesses throughout New Hampshire and the country began to shut down or significantly...
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