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  • Kara Maki ’03, assistant professor of math at Rochester Institute of Technology

    More Profs and What They're Up To

    Christian Kastrup, University of British Columbia: Everything about being a professor is awesome, provided you like working hard. Lahra Smith ’97, associate professor of political science in the...
  • UNH professor Jenny Thomson

    Welcome to Wildcat U

    On the long list of things most of us didn’t appreciate while we were in college, one stands out: the great privilege of learning every day. In post-school life, where assignments tend to be more...
  • Susan Mercandetti '75
  • Honeywell CEO David Cote '76

    Working on the Right Thing

    Since becoming CEO of Honeywell in 2002, David Cote '76 has amassed a list of honors nearly as long as his company's list of products (everything from thermostats to turbochargers). One of the latest...
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