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  • Top 5 Summer Reads

    Hitting the Books

    Sunshine, warmth and the end of classes mark the near return of summer. While many people will take vacations on the upcoming beautiful days, the freedom of this time of year offers a perfect...
  • UNH Student Body President Cameron Cook '17 and the Sustainability Institute's Jennifer Andrews

    Taking Out the Trash

    Piles of waste lay in the Mills Road visitor parking lot as students, staff and community members sorted through bag after bag of discarded items, searching with gloves and trash pickers for answers.
  • Japanese lanterns

    Putting Ease Into Japanese

    Japan is where millennial-old traditions meet new age technology, where karate, temples, samurai, geishas, sumo wrestling and Shinto meet Sony, Nintendo, bullet trains, androids, anime and toilets...
  • students walking for Relay for Life

    Fighting Together

      Students participating in Relay for Life walkathon 
  • Arun Gandhi

    Passive Violence

    Arun Gandhi is one of millions touched by the work of Indian civil rights leader Mahatma Gandhi, but his connection to the man is more than admiration: Arun Gandhi is the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi...
  • Inge Auerbacher

    Too Many Bystanders

    When Holocaust survivor Inge Auerbacher was 7 years old, the Nazi regime planned to murder every Jew in her hometown. Auerbacher’s family was one of many ordered to Latvia to be killed in a mass...
  • UNH Dining

    Setting the Kids' Table

    A large poster hanging next to Holloway Common’s Euro-Line food station pops with color and bold fonts, demanding attention to a culinary revolution. “Cut the salt;” “Limit potatoes;” “Reduce added...
  • N.H. Rep. Patricia Lovejoy

    (Not Quite) A Woman’s World

    When New Hampshire Rep. Janet Wall bought a house, it was her husband’s name that appeared on the mortgage. When she applied for a credit card after becoming the breadwinner of her family, the...
  • UNH students hold vigil for terrorist attack victims

    Love Burns On

    UNH community members joined together on Wednesday afternoon in the Murkland courtyard for a vigil to honor victims of recent terrorist attacks around the world. More than 100 people attended,...
  • corsets and bustles on display at UNH museum

    Women of Bone and Steel: Stays on Display at University Museum

    Preserved corsets from the 18th through 20th centuries are lining the walls of the University Museum on the ground floor of Dimond Library, chronicling more than 200 years of women’s relationships...
  • Mosaic created in UNH class called "Stressed Out"

    The Wonders of Worry

    Shyla Gregory ‘17, like many college students, knows what it’s like to worry. Between classes, studying, a job and balancing relationships, she says, “We don’t realize how much we stress ... It takes...
  • horror film posters
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