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  • Assistant Professor of Management Rachel Campagna

    You Better Read this Article…or Else!

    Daughter of an arbitrator and attorney, Rachel Campagna grew up in a home where negotiation was done for sport. She almost went into law but preferred to study the art of negotiation instead.
  • Professor of Accounting John Hasseldine

    The Ethics of Tax Practice

    Certified Public Accountants (CPAs) in the United States and three million accountants globally must comply with a professional code of ethics. One core ethical principle, that of integrity, implies...
  • Paul College Professor of Economics Ju-Chin Huang

    The Cost of Clean Air

    How can you put a price tag on the benefits of cleaning up the air, shoring up diminishing water supplies, or producing less garbage?
  • Paul and Denise Pouliot

    A Land Called N’dakinna

    Native American leaders are teaming up with UNH researchers to rewrite the region’s story.
  • Indigenous New Hampshire

    Indigenous New Hampshire

    Two members of the Cowasuck band of Pennacook Abenaki People are working with UNH researchers and students to give their history a new voice.
  • UNH Cooperative Extension team headed to Vietnam

    Save the Shrimp

    On Saturday, June 13, a marine biologist and media technologist from UNH Cooperative Extension will board a plane in Boston and fly 21 hours to Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, in Vietnam.
  • Red Sox director of special projects Fred Olsen '97

    Covering all the Bases

    When the Boston Red Sox front office lined up at Fenway Park to receive their championship rings on May 19, Fred Olsen '97 was there to claim his—right along with David “Big Papi” Ortiz, Jon Lester,...
  • UNH student at TV station

    Lights, Camera, Internship!

    Mollie Markins, a UNH Manchester junior majoring in communication arts, dreams of producing feature stories for television magazines such as "Chronicle" on WMUR-TV.
  • UNH Law student

    A Caseload of Credentials

    What kind of person would want to take time out from her prime earning years to go through the grind of earning not one, but two demanding degrees compressed into three-and-a-half years?
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