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  • Patrick Embury, left, and fellow UNH students on a study abroad trip in Northern Ireland in summer 2022. Embury studied abroad in the UK for 3 weeks, where he combined his interest in security studies and history with travel.

    Pursuing a Future in Intelligence

    After earning his bachelor's degree in homeland security, Patrick Embury is pursuing his passion for intelligence with the fully online master's program in national security intelligence analysis.
  • Image of Natalie Cook

    Mitigating Coastal Erosion For Great Bay

    Natalie Cook '22, '23G is currently completing her accelerated master’s program in ocean engineering with a focus in ocean mapping. She started off at UNH as an ocean engineering (OE) undergraduate...
  • Image of Bhowmick presenting

    Changing Course

    The effects of COVID-19 extended far beyond the physical health of the UNH community. Among the many disruptors impacting the nation, college students’ post-graduation career plans were delayed....
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