Thursday, December 10, 2020

The curtailed operations policy for those working remotely will likely mean their day proceeds as though there is no curtailment, according to a notice sent Dec. 14 by Chris Clement, chief operating officer and vice president of Administration. 

With the exception essential staff, hourly and salaried staff should not report to work at campus locations. Check with your supervisor if you have questions

For those who currently work remotely, continue your remote work through the curtailment. If you are paid hourly and can’t complete a full day due to storm-related issues (childcare, storm damage, etc.), please log the hours you do work. For status hourly employees, submit a curtailed operations time off request in Kronos for the remainder of the day. (see KRONOS job aid if needed). Only status employees are eligible for curtailed operations pay. In cases of internet/power outage, please perform what work you can offline.

Before the predicted storm or event occurs, please work with your supervisor to plan in advance by collecting readings, reviewing documents, special project assignments, etc. that can be done without the use of electronic devices, etc.

If you don’t have offline work (or limited) or lack basic tools to work remotely and curtailed operations are declared, status employees will be paid via curtailed operations. Be sure to submit your curtailed operations time off request in Kronos before the close of the pay period.

If an employee has previously scheduled a personal day on the day of curtailed operations, the personal time would take precedent.

Please note that curtailed operations are based independently per campus; adhere to the campus that is your normal work location.