Meet Our Scientists Who Conduct Research about the Great Bay Estuary

Monday, September 28, 2020

Last week, the New Hampshire Agricultural Experiment Station celebrated National Estuaries Week. A number of our researchers conduct research on the Great Bay Estuary. Learn more below about their important research and how it is serving the state of New Hampshire.

Happy National Estuaries Week! Meet Prof. Bill McDowell, who has research projects around the world and in NH, such as this one on the Lamprey River.@USDA_NIFA @UofNH @UNHExtension @UNHPrez @NH_AgResearch @unhresearchnews @COLSA_UNH @GBStewards @PREPCommunity @RAEstuaries #estuaries #sciencethatmatters

— UNH Ag Research (@NH_AES) September 21, 2020


Happy National Estuaries Week. Meet Ray Grizzle, who researches oyster farming in Great Bay. @USDA_NIFA @UNHPrez @NH_AgResearch @UNHExtension @unhresearchnews @GBStewards @RAEstuaries @PREPCommunity #sciencethatmatters

— UNH Ag Research (@NH_AES) September 22, 2020


Happy National Estuaries Week! Meet Prof. Steve Jones, who studies vibrio parahaemolyticus, the leading seafood-transmitted bacterial pathogen worldwide. @USDA_NIFA @UofNH @COLSA_UNH @NHSeaGrant @UNHExtension @UNHPrez @NH_AgResearch @unhresearchnews #sciencethatmatters

— UNH Ag Research (@NH_AES) September 23, 2020


NH has some of the safest and most delicious oysters around thanks to the meticulous care taken by our oyster farmers. #estuariesweek @UofNH @NHSeaGrant @unhresearchnews @UNHExtension @UNHPrez @NH_AgResearch @USDA_NIFA @AgIsAmerica #sciencethatmatters

— UNH Ag Research (@NH_AES) September 24, 2020