Thursday, June 18, 2020
University of New Hampshire at Manchester building in the spring

The University of New Hampshire at Manchester has named 324 students to the Dean's List for superior scholastic performance during the spring semester of the 2019-2020 academic year. 

Students named to the Dean’s List at the University of New Hampshire have earned a semester grade point average of 3.5 or higher on a possible 4.0 scale in a minimum of 12 graded course credits.

Congratulations to the UNH Manchester spring 2020 Dean's List students, listed below.


New Hampshire Students


Robert Skaff, Communication Arts (High Honors)

Tyler Slock, Mechanical Engineering Technology (Honors)

Steven Stanton, Mechanical Engineering Technology (Highest Honors)



Isabella Darling, Biological Sciences (Highest Honors)

Kelly Merrifield, Psychology (Highest Honors)

Benjamin Shapiro, Communication Arts (High Honors)



Jacob Moreau, Mechanical Engineering Technology (High Honors)

Katie Salvagno, Biological Sciences (High Honors)



Nisha Krishna, Business: Accounting (Highest Honors)

Marie Rouleau, Homeland Security (Highest Honors)

Lauren Tuite, Communication Arts: Human Relations (Highest Honors)



Maryam Abdi, Politics and Society (Highest Honors)

Elijah Ahlstrom, Computer Science (Honors)

Gohar Anwar, Biological Sciences (Honors)

Seana Gosselin, Psychology (High Honors)

Wesley Krol, Computer Science & Entrepreneurship (Highest Honors)

Nicholas Larochelle, Mechanical Engineering Technology (High Honors)

Matthew McDonald, Business (High Honors)

Maeve McDonnell, Business (High Honors)

Emily Reed, Neuropsychology (High Honors)

Meliha Ulker, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)



Donald Combs, Computer Information Systems (High Honors)

Julia Landcastle, Undeclared (High Honors)

Cassandra Meaney, Psychology (Highest Honors)

Regan Naughton, Business: Accounting (High Honors)



Trevor Leadbeater, Biological Sciences (High Honors)



Logan Frye, Communication Arts: Digital Media (Highest Honors)



Simren Bhogal, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)

Alyssa Hall, Undeclared (Honors)

Chantal Jennings, Homeland Security (High Honors)



Corey Erickson, Business (High Honors)

Alexandra Gomez, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)



Alexander Desmarais, Mechanical Engineering Technology (High Honors)

Sydney Rollins, Biological Sciences (Highest Honors)

Anna Scott, Psychology (Highest Honors)

Cecilia Stariknok, Communication Arts (Highest Honors)



Naomi Marshall, Biological Sciences (High Honors)



Ethan Brown, Mechanical Engineering Technology (High Honors)

Vanessa Cleary, Psychology (High Honors)

Macayla Dufresne, Psychology (Honors)

Kari-Lynn Knight, Neuropsychology (Highest Honors)

Lauren Marsh, Psychology (High Honors)

Dana Matson, Business: Accounting (High Honors)

Lillian Noble, Communication Arts: Advertising & Public Relations (High Honors)

Bishnu Poudyal, Computer Information Systems (Highest Honors)

Fardeen Siddiqui, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)

Alexander Tenczar, Computer Information Systems (Highest Honors)



Kaylie Knowlton, Neuropsychology (High Honors)



Nathan Landry, Mechanical Engineering Technology (High Honors)



Marisa Barden, Neuropsychology (High Honors)

Grace Beachel, ASL/English Interpreting (Highest Honors)

Brandon Bergeron, English Teaching (High Honors)

Alex Bourgoin, Literary Studies (High Honors)

Joshua Ebert, Computer Information Systems (High Honors)

James Gautreau, Computer Information Systems (Honors)

Angelina Gillispie, English Teaching (Highest Honors)

Tatum Goebel, Business (High Honors)

Emma Groenewal, ASL/English Interpreting (Highest Honors)

Abraham Laplante, Neuropsychology (Highest Honors)

Rylee Larochelle, ASL/English Interpreting (High Honors)

Brian Lundgren, History (Highest Honors)

Victoria Lunetta, Psychology (High Honors)

Camden Lynch, Neuropsychology (Highest Honors)

Emily Persson, Biotechnology (High Honors)

Mackenzie Pierce, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)

Sarah Reny, Biological Sciences (Highest Honors)

AnnMarie SanAntonio, English Teaching (Highest Honors)

Tyler Smith, Computer Information Systems (Honors)

Kaylee Wilbur, Biological Sciences (High Honors)

Noel Wilder, Business (High Honors)



East Hampstead

Kaitlyn Squibb, Psychology (Highest Honors)



Logan Audsley, Mechanical Engineering Technology (Highest Honors)



Madison Allen, ASL/English Interpreting (High Honors)



Joseph Bergeron, Communication Arts (Honors)

Andrew Wasylyna, Biotechnology (High Honors)



Zachary Maynard, Mechanical Engineering Technology (High Honors)

Joshua Walsh, Mechanical Engineering Technology (Highest Honors)



Sean DeSautelle, Literary Studies (Highest Honors)

Brad Ferreira, Mechanical Engineering Technology (High Honors)

Jason Kephart, Electrical Engineering Technology (Honors)



Christopher Hill, Mechanical Engineering Technology (Honors)



Mariah Beaudoin, Undeclared (High Honors)

Tina Byrd, Biotechnology (High Honors)

Kyleigh Cooley, Business (Highest Honors)

Alyssa Lombardi, Biological Sciences (Highest Honors)



Haley Garside, Biological Sciences (High Honors)



Jeremy Clague, Neuropsychology (Highest Honors)

Jocelyn Dennis, ASL/English Interpreting (High Honors)

Kiernan Johnston, ASL/English Interpreting (High Honors)



Mariah Wilson, Business (Honors)



Brett Bennett, Computer Information Systems (Highest Honors)



David Leclerc, Business (High Honors)

Emily O'Brien, Business (Honors)

Grant Partin, Undeclared (Highest Honors)

Elizabeth Scrima, Homeland Security (Highest Honors)



Timothy Bowler, Computer Science (Highest Honors)

Justin Kroh, Computer Information Systems (Highest Honors)

Katelyn Leger, English Teaching (High Honors)

Sabrina Oliveira, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)

Ava Parr, Neuropsychology (Highest Honors)

Shaye Sullivan, Business (High Honors)

Irma Vrevic, Biological Sciences (Highest Honors)




Michael LeBlanc, Homeland Security (High Honors)

Steven MacLeod, Computer Science (Highest Honors)

Daniel Maas, Communication Arts (High Honors)

Erica Ogert, Biological Sciences (Highest Honors)



Christopher Meehan, Computer Information Systems (High Honors)



Ryan Zukowski, Analytics and Data Science (Highest Honors)



Shannon Kinsella, Communication Arts: Advertising & Public Relations (High Honors)



Nemanja Boskovic, Biotechnology (Honors)



Peter Dodge, Biological Sciences (High Honors)

Vishnu Soni, Neuropsychology (Highest Honors)



Abigail Caron, Biological Sciences (High Honors)

Thomas Horvath, Communication Arts (Highest Honors)

Kyle Lyndes, Mechanical Engineering Technology (Honors)



Erin Blais, Literary Studies (High Honors)

Tyler Distefano, Communication Arts: Advertising & Public Relations (Highest Honors)

Riley Grant, Business (Honors)

Jamie Minervini, Communication Arts: Cinema and Media Arts (Highest Honors)

Jared O'Connell, Computer Information Systems (Highest Honors)

Brittany Reidy, Business (High Honors)



Rachel Anastasi, Biotechnology (Honors)

Carlos Almanzar Sandoval, Computer Information Systems (Highest Honors)

Karla Almanzar Sandoval, Computer Science (Honors)

Kenneth Ayotte, Computer Information Systems (Highest Honors)

Ryan Brown, General Studies (Honors)

Abigail Dolan, Digital Language Arts (High Honors)

Michael Evers, Homeland Security (High Honors)

Lauren Ferraro, Neuropsychology (High Honors)

Nathan Francoeur, Business (Honors)

Michael Hession, Communication Arts (Highest Honors)

Danielle Johnson, History (Highest Honors)

Matthew Monahan, Business (High Honors)

Kelsey Robillard, Neuropsychology (Honors)

Daniel St. Cyr, History (Honors)

Marcus Wright, Biological Sciences (Honors)



Fiona Rodrigue, Biological Sciences (Highest Honors)

Joli White, Biological Sciences (High Honors)



Ethan Ferraiuolo, Biotechnology (High Honors)

Dagny Hedberg, Communication Arts (Highest Honors)        

Annemarie Herfurth, Biological Sciences (High Honors)



Maryam Ahmad, Neuropsychology (Honors)

Fatima Aljic, Business (High Honors)

Robert Amirault, Biological Sciences (Honors)

Alaina Amlaw, Biological Sciences (Honors)

Lilly Badeau, Communication Arts (High Honors)

Calista Barbowski, Communication Arts: Cinema and Media Arts (High Honors)

Parker Baumann, Biological Sciences (Highest Honors)

Katelyn Blue, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)

Kevin Booth, Computer Information Systems (Highest Honors)

Jacob Brahm, Business: Accounting (Honors)

Jacob Brown, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)

Camille Bryant, Business (Highest Honors)

Matthew Burnell, Business (High Honors)

Jordan Bussiere, Homeland Security (Highest Honors)

Carlo Jason Capuz, Computer Information Systems (Highest Honors)

Branden Chandonnet, Mechanical Engineering Technology (Highest Honors)

Armina Cikaric, Biological Sciences (Highest Honors)

Christopher Croze, Business (High Honors)

Laura Dailey, Psychology (Highest Honors)

Tori Dooley, ASL/English Interpreting (High Honors)

Ethan Edwards, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)

Benjamin Ehret, Neuropsychology (High Honors)

Julia Fair, Biological Sciences (High Honors)

Ethan Faxon, Homeland Security (Highest Honors)

Eugenia Fedorov, Biological Sciences (Highest Honors)

Christopher Fifty, Neuropsychology (Highest Honors)

Heather Finnigan, Biological Sciences (High Honors)

Nicole Gallien, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)

Thomas Gerton, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)

Jason Harris, Computer Information Systems (High Honors)

Lejla Hodzic, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)

Selma Hodzic, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)

Mary Hughes, ASL/English Interpreting (Highest Honors)

Tommy Huynh, Neuropsychology (High Honors)

Corey Jakway, Biological Sciences (Honors)

Selma Jusufovic, Politics and Society (Honors)

Elvira Kibarova, Biological Sciences (High Honors)

Andrew Kraemer, Electrical Engineering Technology (High Honors)

Brayan Laguer Rivera, Homeland Security (High Honors)

Isabelle Laizure, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)

Christine LaPierre, Biological Sciences (High Honors)

Kayleigh LaSalle, Literary Arts & Studies: Professional & Technical Communications (Highest Honors)

Alina Le, Psychology (High Honors)

Alexus Lefort, ASL/English Interpreting (High Honors)

Hannah Lindh, Psychology (Highest Honors)

Kristy Loranger, ASL/English Interpreting (High Honors)

Justin Mailhot, Computer Information Systems (Highest Honors)

Ethan Manning, Public Service and Nonprofit Leadership (High Honors)

Dhan Mapchhan, Homeland Security (High Honors)

Spencer Mears, Neuropsychology (Highest Honors)

Adnan Melkic, Computer Science (Honors)

Dennis Miller, Biological Sciences (High Honors)

Ashley Nelson, Business (Honors)

Katherine Niebla, Business (Honors)

Anja Novcic, Psychology (High Honors)

Medina Omeragic, Biological Sciences (Highest Honors)

Eric O'Neil, Computer Science (Highest Honors)

Stavros Ouellette, Public Service and Nonprofit Leadership (High Honors)

Natalie Parker, Neuropsychology (High Honors)

Josue Perez, Computer Science (High Honors)

Fernando Perez, Computer Science (Highest Honors)

Sarah Picard, Neuropsychology (Honors)

Matthew Pinault, Business (Highest Honors)

Alex Portnoy, Business: Accounting (High Honors)

Anup Prasai, Computer Information Systems (Highest Honors)

Amir Rahimov, Computer Information Systems (High Honors)

Juan Reyes, Biological Sciences (Honors)

Jake Richards, Computer Information Systems (Honors)

Hebatullah Shabaka, Communication Arts (Highest Honors)

Kristina Shalygina, Biological Sciences (High Honors)

Nicholas Spinosa, Biotechnology (High Honors)

Bikash Subedi, Computer Information Systems (High Honors)

Hannah Tower, Neuropsychology (Highest Honors)

Dung Tran, Electrical Engineering Technology (Highest Honors)

Alexandra Twitchell, Undeclared (Honors)

Emma Tyler, General Studies (High Honors)

Ashley Velazco, Digital Language Arts (Highest Honors)

Raphaelle Vrana, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)

Alexander Wachenfeld, Computer Science (High Honors)

Alexandra Walsh, Biological Sciences (Highest Honors)

Heather Wienzek, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)

Jillian Wienzek, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)

Tristen Witkowski, Neuropsychology (Honors)

Ting-Yi Yang, Mechanical Engineering Technology (Highest Honors)

Allyson Young, Psychology (Highest Honors)



Jordyn Boyce, Business: Accounting (Highest Honors)

Catherine Caban, Psychology (High Honors)

Kevin Coleman, Electrical Engineering Technology (Highest Honors)

Samantha Diggins, Communication Arts: Cinema and Media Arts (High Honors)

Kevin Harrington, English Teaching (Highest Honors)

Michael Lucci, Electrical Engineering Technology (High Honors)

Kaitlin McManus, Analytics & Data Science: Analytics (Highest Honors)

Mckenzy Miller, Psychology (High Honors)

Kiana Morano, Biological Sciences (Honors)

Stephen Ring, Communication Arts (Highest Honors)

Rylee Szok, Computer Information Systems (Highest Honors)

Connor Tess, Analytics and Data Science (Highest Honors)

Robert Tinsley, Homeland Security (Highest Honors)

Kaitlyn Todd, Business (High Honors)



Alli Ciardelli, Undeclared (High Honors)

Barbara Ferraz, Business (Highest Honors)

Michael Murray, Analytics and Data Science (Highest Honors)

Daniel Scott, Computer Information Systems (High Honors)

Bradley Wall, Communication Arts (Honors)

Jacob Young, Humanities (High Honors)


Mont Vernon

Timothy Kearney, Business (High Honors)

Genevive Shortt, Neuropsychology (High Honors)

Samantha Speer, Business (Highest Honors)



Catherine Bennett, Computer Information Systems (Highest Honors)

Brenda Cardenas, Mechanical Engineering Technology (High Honors)

Jonathan Cashman-Aussant, Neuropsychology (Highest Honors)

Hannah Chisholm, Public Service and Nonprofit Leadership (Highest Honors)

Marina Frisch, Communication Arts: Cinema and Media Arts (High Honors)

Angela Fuentes, Public Service and Nonprofit Leadership (Highest Honors)

Sabra George, Analytics and Data Science (Highest Honors)

Alish Gurung, Mechanical Engineering Technology (High Honors)

Gregory Haefele, Mechanical Engineering Technology (High Honors)

Jonathan Kane, Homeland Security (High Honors)

Michael Lentz, Business: Accounting (Highest Honors)

Jalisa Marquez-Byrd, Communication Arts (High Honors)

Julia Mungovan, Business (Highest Honors)

Yukti Patel, Business: Accounting (High Honors)

David Pinheiro, Literary Studies (High Honors)

Cameron Ricard, Business (Honors)

Blanca Santibanez, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)

Cameron Schuyler, Communication Arts: Cinema and Media Arts (High Honors)

Rebecca Skahan, Neuropsychology (Highest Honors)

Zachary Smalley, Homeland Security (High Honors)

Grace Warwick, ASL/English Interpreting (Highest Honors)

Janessa Wilcox, Biological Sciences (Honors)


New Boston

Rachel Avery, English (Highest Honors)

Patrick Dodge, Electrical Engineering Technology (Highest Honors)

Michael Hazen, Electrical Engineering Technology (High Honors)

Melissa Mullen, Analytics & Data Science: Analytics (Highest Honors)

Rafaela Tonne, Biological Sciences (Highest Honors)


New Hampton

Kaitlyn Abele, Undeclared (Highest Honors)


New Ipswich

Edward McGurk, General Studies (Highest Honors)



Polly Lorien, ASL/English Interpreting (Highest Honors)



Max Tedford, Computer Information Systems (Honors)



Erin Docko, Biological Sciences (High Honors)



Haley Belanger, Biological Sciences (Highest Honors)

Dylan Conroy, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)

Kristyna DiBona, ASL/English Interpreting (Highest Honors)

Ashlyn Farwell, Biological Sciences (Highest Honors)



Thomas Kelly, Electrical Engineering Technology (Highest Honors)



Autumn Bedell, Homeland Security (High Honors)

Coltrane Houlis, Homeland Security (Highest Honors)

Sadie Vezina, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)



Kevin Daley, Mechanical Engineering Technology (Honors)



Meriah Metzger, Politics and Society (Highest Honors)



Malina Popa, Electrical Engineering Technology (Highest Honors)



Samuel Heard, Business (Highest Honors)



Kayla Brennan, Biological Sciences (Honors)

Jacob DiGiovanni, Homeland Security (Highest Honors)



John Heimann, Mechanical Engineering Technology (Highest Honors)

Hanna Kurtenbach, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)

Lauren Tarbuck, ASL/English Interpreting (High Honors)



Brianna Sullivan, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)



Tanya Cabral, Business (High Honors)

Julia Donahue, Psychology (Honors)

Kelsie Duggan, Biotechnology (Honors)

Cimona Kanaan, Biological Sciences (Honors)

James Larocque, Computer Science (Highest Honors)

Victoria Rolon, Biological Sciences (High Honors)

Thao Tu, Psychology (Honors)



Jamila Peguero, Psychology (Highest Honors)


South Hampton

Cameron Murray, Analytics and Data Science (Highest Honors)



Abigail Chamberlain, Business (High Honors)

Emily Stickney, Mechanical Engineering Technology (Highest Honors)



Brianna Turner, Biotechnology (Highest Honors)



Katelyn Dubreuil, Business (Highest Honors)



Andrew Greeley, Business (Highest Honors)



Glenn Bach, Business (Highest Honors)

Nela Klonowski, Biological Sciences (Honors)

Kate Lu, Biological Sciences (Highest Honors)

Martha Young, Psychology (Highest Honors)



Elizabeth Langfeld, Communication Arts (Highest Honors)



Out-of-State Students

Ipswich, Mass.

Nicolette Barber, Neuropsychology (Highest Honors)

Methuen, Mass.

Maria Luccisano, Communication Arts (Highest Honors)

Middleboro, Mass.

Jocelyn Kundzicz, ASL/English Interpreting (Highest Honors)

Whitman, Mass.

Mekalia Mason-Rollins, ASL/English Interpreting (Highest Honors)

Lincoln, Neb.

Kaitlyn Haeffner, Neuropsychology (High Honors)


Olivia Lacey, Business (Honors)