OMSA has a new name; Cache Owens-Velasquez is its new director

Friday, June 5, 2020
Cache Owens-Velasquez

Dear UNH Community—
We’d like to share news of two important developments in the Office of Multicultural Student Affairs (OMSA). First, the OMSA name has been retired and the name of the office has been changed to The Beauregard Center. After discussions with many students and stakeholders, there was a consensus about the need to elevate the office to a university center to serve students from under-represented populations. Aulbani J. Beauregard was a first-year student who came to UNH in the fall of 2018 and participated in the Connect Program. Sadly, Aulbani passed away in January of 2019. She was a bright light in the university community and a frequent visitor to OMSA. Aulbani was a member of Caribbean Cats, Alliance, Black Student Union and the winner of the Mx. Category in the Mr. Ms. Mx. Mosaico Annual Talent Show. All who knew her were cheered by her effervescence, good will toward all and the sheer joy she found in life. She was a force in our community, refreshing to see in a first-year student. Her sudden and unexpected loss was painful. Students planted a magnolia tree in Murkland Courtyard in her memory; it bloomed this year, a reminder of the beauty she left in our care for years to come. This is a time of great pain and suffering among people of color in the nation. The naming of The Beauregard Center and that magnolia tree are fitting ways to honor Aulbani’s deep commitment to equity, justice and good will in a troubled world.
Second, we are delighted to announce the appointment of Cache Owens-Velasquez as the new director of The Beauregard Center. She will join us in mid-July. Originally from Green Bay, Wisconsin, she earned her doctorate at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte and has worked there since in various community engagement roles. She was the top choice of the search committee and the students and colleagues who met with her. Once we are able to gather, we will have a grand opening of The Beauregard Center’s new and renovated larger space located on the ground level of the MUB and introduce Director Owens-Velasquez to the community. Please join me in welcoming her into the UNH fold.
I hope that you are staying safe and well during this trying time. Better days surely are ahead. With best wishes, 
John T. Kirkpatrick
Senior Vice Provost for Student Life and Dean of Students