Tuesday, April 7, 2020

"In Our Own Voices" is a photo and story gallery celebrating diversity and the voices that make the UNH Manchester community a wonderful place to live, learn and grow. Their stories are our story—and we are proud to tell it. Mahad Khan '21, politics and society major, shares his story below.


"I began to discover who I was—and have become a better person for it."

Community is important for college students. You want to feel like you’re part of campus life from day one, part of something unique. That’s what inspired me to create the Muslim Student Association (MSA) at UNH Manchester and help bring a sense of community and awareness to our culture and traditions.

Islam is a religion that heavily prioritizes peace, community strength and spiritual positivity—and those are the values I built the MSA on. Creating a student-run organization tests your work ethic and self-confidence, but it’s worth the challenge when you see how you’ve helped connect people to the college and to each other.

Every Muslim's spiritual journey is a product of their personal struggle, but a Muslim's additional duty to their society is to improve it by being the best kind of person they can be. By bringing people together to find solidarity in their experiences,

David Vogt | Communications and Public Affairs